Thursday, January 12, 2012

Clever trick

One of the best parts about living in a new city (yet still on the East Coast) is that people want to come visit us. I realize it is probably 80% "free place to stay" and 20% spend time with us, but I'm ok with those numbers. The revolving door of guests, both friends and family, have made the transition to life away from the home I've always known really delightful. The visits are spaced out just enough that we don't get tired of having people here but not long enough that we feel really lonely and the fact that it's been hard to make friends here sinks in. I've come to really enjoy the revolving door into our home. It's helpful that our place is just big enough to have guests, but small enough that cleaning in preparation for the arrival of those guests doesn't take more than an hour or so. Maybe two if I wash the floors. But I don't wash the floors. If my mom is reading this, I do wash the floors. Weekly.

Also, having regular guests absolutely ensures that the house is deep cleaned at least once a month. I feel pretty good about that. Who can fault me for not wanting to dust the bookshelves "just because"? I need a REASON. And a good reason is "people will actually walk past these bookshelves and maybe even look at them...worst case scenario, they'll pick up a few they better not be engulfed by a cloud of dust" It's my only compelling reason. We can only hope for a kid with allergies so I'm forced to keep the house regularly dusted as time goes on. And so we can get a labradoodle.

This weekend some of my girlfriends come into town. I will clean the house and bake banana muffins and get excited about showing them around a city that I still get hopelessly lost in. GPS, you are worthless in DC. We'll hit all the touristy spots, go to museums, eat overpriced but delicious food, stay up too late and probably laugh a LOT. I can't wait...I really miss my girlfriends. Plus, this is just a clever trick to reel them in. They come to DC, I show them a good time, play the excellent host, and they are therefore tricked into visiting each city we move to from now on. Suckers. At this rate, I won't actually have to make new friends; I can just rely on steady stream of visits from my old friends. As you can see, this plan is flawless.

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