Friday, February 3, 2012


So, we're moving to Germany. It still doesn't make much sense when I say it or think it. Other times it makes so much sense that I'm nearly paralyzed with thoughts like "where do they buy groceries in Germany?" and "how will I live without Chickfila?". Actually, most of my fears about moving to Germany revolve around food. There are probably bigger fish to fry ... (gosh, I must be hungry)

ANYWAYS, Germany. It's not real to me yet. It seems far away and we just THINK we've moving to Germany but really we'll just stay in Virginia. I realize that I desperately need to get a hold of the reality of the situation, or boy, I am going to be in trouble when we get on that plane. I vacillate between overwhelming excitement and debilitating anxiety. My anxiety is, admittedly, ridiculous. Where will I get my hair cut? How will we have light in our house if our lamp plugs don't fit in the outlets? Do they sell Dove shampoo and conditioner, AND IF NOT, what will happen to my hair? Is there a nail salon?  What if we lose all of our pots and pans in the move? What if they don't have Cheerios?
I realize that this is dumb because we'll be living close to a base...with a commissary. And everything else we could ever need. Also, Germany isn't a third world country or stuck in the Dark Ages. But still. I have these anxious thoughts.
The reality is that living in Germany will probably be very anticlimactic and much like our life in Virginia. But right now it's completely unknown. And that's scary.

Oh, and I'm not going to get into the whole "living so far away from friends and family" because I'm feeling pretty emotionally stable today and I don't want to mess with a good thing. I'm taking the "head in the sand" approach to this, and I think if I had a therapist, they would agree that that's a healthy route to take. Probably.

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