Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Should we be doing something?

I feel like I should be DOING things to get ready for our cross-Atlantic move. Like, normal people DO things, right? But other than sign some papers and make some doctors appointments, we haven't DONE anything. And yes, it's only February and we don't leave until June...but our stuff leaves in April, so shouldn't we start packing? No? Overzealous?

I think that I'm just ready to be occupied with the tasks of preparing to move. That will help solidify things for me. I'm constantly voicing my concerns to Z at inopportune moments, like in the middle of a movie we're watching..."Zach...ZACH...hey, what about our cell phones? I've had this number since I was 16; I can't get a new cell phone." And he's wonderful and calmly explains his plan and how he has it under control and already carefully thought out, when really I'm sure he's like "my gosh, can I just watch the movie in peace?!"

But seriously...I'm not changing my cell number. I can only handle so much. So just back off. Let me keep my number.

Z has allowed me to start looking at the housing website to get an idea of what our living conditions will be like. This is another thing that makes him perfect for me and wonderful, because he knows I need time to adjust and the more preparation I have, the smoother the transition. Here are some things I've noticed after looking at all 432 housing options in the area:

1. Some houses have two kitchens. I cannot understand this, nor will I attempt to. I think it's safe to say if we end up in a place with two kitchens, one will be repurposed into "My Other Closet". Or maybe we'll shake things up and have a breakfast kitchen and a dinner kitchen. Lunch is a free zone and you can choose either kitchen, because we're a little edgy and free-spirited like that.

2. Most houses have a sauna. See: where Katie will be during the months of October through March.

3. Many houses have heated floors. I'm going to ignore the fact that this means it's obviously so cold in Germany that even the FLOORS need their own heat source and focus on the fact that should I end up in the fetal position on the floor during a complete meltdown, at least I will be quite warm.

Man, I am excited about this adventure of house-hunting in a foreign country. And comforted  by the fact that there's sure to be an IKEA close by, because, you know...Europe. IKEA is like Waffle House over on every exit. Right?
I tried to google this and ended up on the German IKEA website, which is, of course, written in German so it was a useless endeavor. I'll just keep the faith that there's one nearby. And add Waffle House to the list of things I'm REALLY going to miss while living overseas. Sigh.

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