Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Brighter Side

I’m back in Minneapolis for work this week and back to fighting with negative thoughts…it just doesn’t seem fair to experience a delightfully warm, sunny, spring weekend with my dear husband and then be thrust back into 30 degrees of clouds and windy dreariness while living in a hotel room.
So I’m sitting here, staring at a grey sky, missing my home and my husband and I’m determined to turn my thoughts to a happy place. Here’s what I think about recently when I need that boost.

1.     Our Honeymoon (in approximately 47 days)
     7 days in St. Lucia...with a private pool. And a butler. And SUN. And books. The  most common phrase you hear in our household on any given day from either me or Z is "I can't wait for our honeymoon..."

2.     Our new bikes. Z bought me a new bike for my birthday…and apparently I bought him a new bike for his birthday too. All I know is, I came home to a new bike in the garage with bows on it. And then another new bike conveniently placed on the other side of the garage. Sneaky.

No, actually we had talked about this and tried out a few different bikes before Z made the purchase (the timing and bows were the surprise). We’re super excited to enjoy springtime in DC on our bikes and (more importantly) to enjoy the many trails Germany has to offer. Also, since I can’t drive a stick shift and that’s the only car we’ll have in Germany, my bike is also my new car!

3.     Our 3 weeks “at home” in Georgia. We get to spend three weeks with our extended families in Atlanta before we leave for Germany. It would be an understatement to say I’m ridiculously excited. I am SO thankful that we will have time with our families before our extended time apart. I can’t week for those few weeks of relaxation and fun with the people we love the most.

There. I feel better already.

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