Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend in Review: Role Reversal

So Z is out of town and I’m all “FREEEEDOOOOOM!!!”

Just kidding.

But Z IS out of town and this is the first time in our marriage that he has left me at home…usually I am leaving him, what with all the business travel I’ve had to do. As he was getting ready to go, I asked “are you excited?” since he’s going to NYC for his friend’s wedding. Basically a bro reunion for him and his West Point buddies. His answer really surprised me. He said “I’m a little bit sad…I’ve never left you before!” And because I’m really nurturing and caring I said “HA! now you know how I feel every time I leave! And you wonder why I whine about traveling!” But this isn’t about me…

Anyways. So off he goes.

This is what I’ve done with my husband-less day so far:

·         Not showered

·         Cooked an entire package of turkey bacon

·         Ate 2 pieces of said bacon

·         Put a Boston butt in the crock pot

·         ate some yogurt

·         ate some cheerios

·         ate some Thin Mints

·         found a Die Hard marathon on tv

And because of that last item, the rest of my day is shot.
Because…you know…Bruce Willis.

Turns out I have a thing for bald, muscle-y guys…so in the absence of my bald muscle-y man, I suppose it’s therapeutic to sit here and watch 6 hours of Bruce instead.

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