Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Carpe Diem...Tomorrow

The movers come in 6 days. In 6 days, our home will be empty save for a few suitcases, air mattress and various “unaccompanied bags". In 6 days, the walls will be bare, the rooms empty, the “home” gone from the house.
I think I’m in denial, which is a familiar place for me. I have things to DO. Things like sorting through Z’s “organizational system” which is mostly just piles of paper in different “strategic” places throughout the house. Things like figuring out what to throw away, what to donate, what to keep. Things like cooking and eating everything in our pantry. But I am not accomplishing any of those things. In fact, I’m not accomplishing much of anything. Except watching marathons of Grey’s Anatomy on Lifetime.

I know I need to kick it into gear. I know I need to start getting things done. But right now I just…can’t.

So I’m going to have another cup of tea and watch another episode of a show that I don’t even really like. That’s how I’m coping today.

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