Monday, April 23, 2012

Stage One: Success

Well, I think we're successfully prepared for the movers. With minimal injury and angst. Notice I say "minimal" and not "zero". I'm currently laying on the couch with a heating pad on my lower back, because I'm 89 years old. Or because I lifted mattresses to retrieve dust ruffles to properly fold and place in clearly-labeled bags. OR because I sat on the hard tiled bathroom floor for a few hours purging the cabinets underneath our sinks. ORRRRRRR because I did some yoga positions REALLY wrong. There's no way to know. I just know it got me out of a LOT of work today. Z, on the other hand, has been bossed around big time. It goes something like this:

Me: *pauses incredibly fascinating episode of Say Yes to the Dress* ZACH!! ZAAAAAAAACH!!

Z: *comes downstairs to see what the fuss is* Yes?

Me: Scissors.

Z: um. Yes. We have them.

Me: Ok, but we need them in the laundry room.

Z: Ok. *pause* Why?

Me: Because I don't know where to buy scissors in Germany! They need to go in our unaccompanied baggage stack, and that stack is in the laundry room.

Z: Ok. I'll put them up there.
*starts to walk back upstairs*

Me: Wait! Can you go through all of your clothes and figure out what is staying and what is going and then put everything that's staying in my closet? But not on the right side, because the right side is all of my stuff. Actually, both sides are my stuff. Just find some space. But don't touch my stuff.

Z: Yeah, Ok, I'll do that.
*starts to walk back upstairs*

Me: Wait! Can you bring me a drink?

God bless him.

Moving is supposed to be one of those "top" stressors in marriage. That being said, I am happy to say that I think Zach and I win at moving. (He would be quick to point out that it's not a competition, but whatever.) I'm really proud of how we've both handled the first "co-move" experience together (so far). Yes, we had our moments. There may or may not have been a heated conversation involving some pillow cases, which are now placed in Zach's moving pile because he's agreed to be fully responsible and accountable for those pillow cases. And I'm fine with that. Because why wouldn't I be fine with keeping two pillow cases that don't match any of our sheets and we haven't used once in 7 months of marriage? Of course we should keep those! I DIGRESS.

Anyways, phase one of our first official military move is complete and was successful. I can only hope things will go as smoothly on the German side. And that the heating pad doesn't get lost in the move.

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