Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ok, one more...

Ok, fine. One more post before we go off the grid for a week without internet. This one is for my brother Sam, who happily gives me a hard time about everything, including this blog. Are you happy, SAM?! Pretty soon I'm going to learn German and respond to you in a language you don't understand and THEN WHAT?

So we finally made it. We're at the last day. We're checking out of our hotel at 7am tomorrow morning. THANK GOD. The last few days have been emotionally tough as I've struggled to maintain a good attitude and positive outlook about our one-room situation. (I realize I'm spoiled. We'll focus on that another time. But not now.) The whole experience is just very overwhelming. Maybe I'm being redundant, since I can't really remember what I've already shared here, but it's just a LOT to take in. There's a new language, new house, new city, new job (for Z), new EVERYTHING. And while we're really enjoying all of it, we're still kind of in a daze about the fact that we're here...we live in Germany now. It's an overload of emotion and sensation and it's really easy to catch myself thinking about "when we go home"...whoa, wait...this IS our home now.

In an attempt to prepare our new home for all of our stuff, we ventured to Nuremberg this weekend to hit up IKEA for some rugs. Our downstairs living area is big and open and has hardwood floors, so we needed some rugs to break up the space and whatnot. Let me tell you, navigating IKEA in German is an experience. A draining, overwhelming, sometimes frustrating and stressful experience. Sure, you can get a map of the store, but it's useless in a language you don't understand yet. Sure, you can look at tags on items to see if they come in different sizes and colors or what they're made of, but OH can't understand any of that either. We resorted to taking a lot of iphone pictures of items. Then when we got to the warehouse section, we found an information center that had computers to help you find where the items you wanted were arranged in the warehouse. Oh good, this should be helpful...oooh, woops, also in German! Thankfully some things are universal and we used our great wisdom to decipher that "tv bank" for tvs "uber 37" meant tv stands that fit tvs over 37". Then it was all pictures from there. Crisis averted. I did not at any point sit down in the aisle and cry, so I think that, overall, it was a very successful trip. And there was only one "discussion" about which way a certain rug would go under a certain dining room table and a certain one of us wasn't understanding the other one of us (ok, ok it was me) and there may or may not have been a conversation that went in this circle for a while: "Ok,'re standing in the room, looking at the kitchen...the wall is to your LEFT, the window is to your RIGHT--"(interrupted) "No, you're not standing where I'm standing, I'm by the kitchen looking out into the back yard!"

We worked it out.

We also took the opportunity to wander around Nuremberg for the afternoon and came across an amazing outdoor farmer's market that I WILL be going back to. The fruits and vegetables just looked amazing.

Afterwards we headed to the house to put the new rugs down (Zach was right, the rug did have to go that way if you're standing by the kitchen looking out into the back yard). They look great, so we were pleased with our purchases. Now just to get our furniture in there, then I'll take pictures and share them with you here! We're so excited to get settled. SO excited.

That's all for now...catch you on the other side when we have internet set up in our home!


  1. Oh my... a week without internet. I don't know if I could do it! Good thing you've got some distractions during this time. :) Hope your move-in is going well and you are feeling more settled & "at home." xo cb

  2. Love your blog :) Glad you guys are starting to settle in!