Monday, July 30, 2012


Earlier this week we received a flier in our ENGLISH, so it immediately caught my eye.

Here's what it said:
"Dear townsman, dear townswoman from the USA! Our township will celebrate its sixth citizens' festival on Saturday the 28th of July"

SAY NO MORE! But it did go on to say "The celebration will take place from Saturday afternoon up to early morning hours. Whoever is still fit can start from 10 o'clock on Sunday morning to participate in the mile of festivities". 

These party animals.

So the annual "burgerfest" was this weekend and of course we wanted to check it out. 

It was fabulous. The city blocked off the Bahnhofstrasse (train station street) and Hauptstrasse (main street) and set up craft booths, various stages for concerts, tons of food and bakery stations and, of course, numerous mobile beer stations.

Z and I took our bikes and explored the festivities (and food) a few times on Saturday and Sunday...then watched an amazing fireworks show from the comfort of our living room (the perks of living in a small town...)

Some pictures below:

 Kid's dance group

Lederhosen! He was playing an accordion while the kids danced
Bakery/Candy booth

 They had a whole band of these guys

Friday, July 27, 2012


I'm learning as I go with this blogging thing... I've just added two options for receiving updates when I publish a new post so you don't have to check the site every time you're wondering what's going with us (which, I assume, is multiple times a day).

There's an option to receive updates by email and there's an option to subscribe via Google, etc. Both options are found on your screen to right of this post.

Choose whichever you prefer (or just keep visiting the site)! Hopefully this makes keeping up with us a little more convenient. 

More pictures than you ever wanted

Well, we've solved the camera cord issue. We're just going to get a new camera. What better time when gallivanting around Europe? Plus, my camera is aging and heading towards retirement. camera! (I feel like I should tell Z some of my shoes and clothes are aging and heading towards retirement and see if that gets the same result)

Until then, I've been taking pictures on my iPhone and I can share THOSE. Sorry to any readers who are fully saturated in social media, because you've already seen some of these on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. But there's also some I haven't shared yet, including our trip to Bamberg (new favorite city; we'll take you there when you come visit)

Now, maybe I went overboard with posting all of these at once. Live and learn. I'll try to space them out more next time. Until then, grab your cup of coffee, maybe plan a few breaks, and enjoy!

So without further ado...Our European experience in pictures:

This is the biergarten at the hotel we stayed in our first two weeks in Germany...we loved sitting out here for dinner and a beer, enjoying the extra hours of summer daylight.

View from one of our favorite Italian restaurants. We sit outside almost everywhere we go to eat. It's one of my favorite things.

Zach deciphering the German menu. City Center of Bayreuth.

Church in Nuremberg. Stunning.

 We don't know what this is, but it's on the Starbuck's city mug of Nuremberg, so it's something important.

Farmer's market and a few shots in Nuremberg. The farmer's market is many fresh, local fruits and veggies.

 The train station in our town. A short walk from our convenient for travel!

 The Chicken Truck! Best chicken EVER. Also fresh eggs

 Our drive to the Bavarian Alps took us through TONS of hops fields. We had to google what kind of crop it was.

Prepare yourself for these next pictures. BREATH-TAKING views in the Bavarian Alps.

 Some pictures of our town...

 Our neighbors sell their potatoes!

 Pictures of our town as you're driving in...not the best quality (I blame the iPhone)

Bamberg! We took our bikes and trekked around the city; loved every minute. It was beautiful.

 He is my favorite :)

 We ate lunch here...precious.

 And last, but c'mon...certainly not least, we have found our favorite local beer (so far)...

Whew. Did you make it through? I'm exhausted. So there's our last few weeks at a glance. More to come!