Monday, July 30, 2012


Earlier this week we received a flier in our ENGLISH, so it immediately caught my eye.

Here's what it said:
"Dear townsman, dear townswoman from the USA! Our township will celebrate its sixth citizens' festival on Saturday the 28th of July"

SAY NO MORE! But it did go on to say "The celebration will take place from Saturday afternoon up to early morning hours. Whoever is still fit can start from 10 o'clock on Sunday morning to participate in the mile of festivities". 

These party animals.

So the annual "burgerfest" was this weekend and of course we wanted to check it out. 

It was fabulous. The city blocked off the Bahnhofstrasse (train station street) and Hauptstrasse (main street) and set up craft booths, various stages for concerts, tons of food and bakery stations and, of course, numerous mobile beer stations.

Z and I took our bikes and explored the festivities (and food) a few times on Saturday and Sunday...then watched an amazing fireworks show from the comfort of our living room (the perks of living in a small town...)

Some pictures below:

 Kid's dance group

Lederhosen! He was playing an accordion while the kids danced
Bakery/Candy booth

 They had a whole band of these guys

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