Monday, July 16, 2012

Farm living is the life for us?

There are some things you should know about our life in Germany.

1. We live in the COUNTRY. I’m serious. Fields. Crops. Farmers. Cows. The air smells like manure farmland. So fresh…so…ripe.

2. We live next to a tractor highway. Maybe that’s not the “technical term” but that is what it is. All day long tractors drive up and down this road to get to all of the fields on either side. All day long I hear the groaning, creaking, grumbling stutter of tractors rumbling past. It’s actually kind of comforting to hear that kind of activity during the day.

3. We go on bike rides on public roads and are never passed by a single car. I can only assume this is because everyone is busy driving their tractors up and down the tractor highway.

4. Our neighbors have chickens. In their front yard. Enough said.

5. I can hear cows mooing when I’m getting ready in the morning. There are several cow barns near our house that are home to dairy cows. Dairy cows with names like Gandhi and Gisela.

6. We live right across the street from a fire station. I was worried about this when we first looked at the house, but in the two weeks we’ve lived here, we’ve only heard the trucks head out twice. Also, no one is at the firehouse. At first I thought that maybe it was just closed. But turns out that the force is called in only when an emergency call comes through. I don’t know how it works, but we watched it happen one time. Out of NOWHERE cars and bikes came flying into the station and men jumped out of the cars, into their gear, and headed out on the truck within seconds of arriving. It was really impressive. Also, people hang out at the fire station every Friday night. Like, a lot of people. Locals with snacks and beer sit around and visit. Z spent a few hours with them last Friday and talked to the few English speakers that were there. I can’t wait to go with him next week.

7. We drink sparkling mineral water out of glass bottles. ALL THE TIME, even at home. It’s actually all we drink now. It’s so European and persnickety. And delicious.

8. We watch the Tour de France daily. It seems like the right thing to do.

9. There is a Rosanthal factory right outside our town, WITH A GIFT SHOP. Come visit us, seriously.

10. We buy our chicken and eggs from a man who sets up a truck on the side of the road every Wednesday. Seriously the best chicken ever. And the eggs are so fresh…mmm.

Life here is WAY different than this city girl is used to. But we LOVE it!

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