Monday, August 13, 2012

An Actual Injury

Oh, hey there. How are yoooou? Good, good. It's been a busy weekend here in Bavaria, folks. But it's very important that I start you off with the crucial news.

Zach would like me to let you know he has an actual injury. He got bit by something (perhaps a huge, mutant, extremely poisonous radioactive version of a horsefly) and his leg now has a welt that has grown progressively from the size of a quarter to the size of my head. Basically, what I'm trying to say is...I'm never going outside again. 

But this isn't about me. You guys, this bite/sting/wound is terrifying. And I can't quite understand why Z doesn't take the opportunity to whine about it more. To each his own, I suppose. I, on the other hand, have been VERY concerned and a little bit whiny. For the first 24 hours I asked "are you going into anaphylactic shock?" about once every ten minutes. I did not offer to dress the wound but I probably should have. Instead, I just kept asking if his throat was closing up. Priorities.

The upside is that Z finally decided to get some medical opinion directed his way, so he went to the Apotheke (drug store) and learned that pharmacies here are pretty awesome. No wandering aisles reading the back of boxes to see if your symptoms are all present and accounted for. You simply walk in, discuss your ailments with the pharmacist (in Z's case, hike up your shorts and stick your thigh on the counter), and they go in their back room and bring out the concoction that will cure you! So I think we will avoid anaphylactic shock after all.

Along those lines, it's time to admit to myself and the world that I have allergies. I am allergic to Germany. Or at least the German countryside. I've suspected this since we moved here, but was mostly in denial. Basically, this farm air is wreaking havoc on my sinuses and my eyeballs. No time is this more evident then when we have a gorgeous day with perfect temperatures and a lazy breeze and I decide, "you know what? All the windows should be open!" So I go around the house opening every window in every room, preparing for fresh air and health and country living and general happiness and within 15 minutes I'm truly puzzled about why my eyes are burning. It usually takes another 15 minutes for me to remember, "oh yeah, I'm allergic to air" so I trudge around the house closing all the windows again. This happens at least once a week.

But enough of our ailments. This weekend was another four-day for Zach, which is always fun. We originally were planning a trip to Prague, but decided to move it back and stay local instead. Plus, we had projects. Well, Z had projects. So I felt the need to make myself useful too. Zach painted and re-painted. I watched and re-watched. I sanded and sealed our wine rack in preparation for staining. We checked out the circus that was in our little town for the weekend (meaning walked by and looked at the camels, bear, monkeys, and horses). We went to Wurzberg for the day and biked around the city like champion tourists. I'll have pictures of all of this (but not Z's scary bite, don't worry) sometime later this week. 

Last week before I head back to work...planning on enjoying every second!

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