Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ignoring winter indefinitely

It's 86 degrees today in Germany and you would think it's never been this hot here ever before. Nearly every yard is suddenly home to an inflatable pool and people are lounging around in heat-induced comas. Our neighbor's chickens are huddled in the one corner of the yard that has shade. The ice cream shop is packed. There's a marked absence of the usual parade of pedestrians and cyclists wandering around town. 

But to us, used to stifling Atlanta summers, it's awesome. There's little to no humidity. There's a nice breeze. We took the opportunity to walk to the grocery store, the eis cafe, and the Rosenthal factory (so basically around our entire town). It was on this walk that Z decided to inform me how much snow we may be getting this winter. It seems impossible to consider how potentially awful winter here will be on a day like today. I choose to ignore the thought.

Anyways, the heat. The sun. The scenery. The walk. Focusing on the positives.

Now, I realize walking to the grocery store is not a big deal for many people...people who live in big cities with grocery stores just a few blocks away or basically anywhere else in Europe. But I have never been in a situation where walking to the store would be advisable or desirable. So it's a wonderful little perk of living in our tiny farm town. The whole trip still took under 20 minutes, even with the walk. 

Z and I love this part of living here. Last night we went out to dinner in our town and didn't leave the restaurant until around 10pm. We walked home in the middle of the street and only saw 2 cars. We passed houses where laughter and conversation drifted up from the (very private) backyards of our German neighbors. We saw more stars than I've seen in a long, long time. When we rounded the corner on our street, we heard a rowdy bunch of Germans hanging out at the fire station (as they do most Friday nights). Of course, Z couldn't pass up the opportunity to socialize with our German neighbors, so he headed out again while I (of course) headed to bed.

These are the things that I LOVE about living here. Yes, there are days that I miss being able to walk into Target (OH, Target. I miss you) or days I wish I could go grocery shopping without constantly Google-translating packages to make sure I know what I'm buying...but it's a balance and I'm learning to really appreciate the aspects of living here that I haven't and wont' be able to experience living anywhere else.

ALSO, I made a friend...another Army wife who lives on the street. 

Things are good. 

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  1. Great news about your friend! Ask Laura about her winter gear...good gear and shoes area must and will make it enjoyable! I miss you and wish I was coming with the folks to see you!