Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fall, Fall, Fall!

Happy September! Happy 11 months of marriage to me and Z! Happy 88th birthday to our sweet Grandma Doane! Happy Fall! Happy football kickoff weekend! Happy Labor Day!

Ahhhh, September. How is it September already?! This year is just galloping along. 

I'm particularly excited about September this year for many reasons...One, it's our first Autumn in Germany and I think it's going to be wonderful. We're already experiencing temperatures in the mid-50s and the air has that nice crisp feeling. Pumpkin muffins are cooling on the stove. Football is on TV (although AFN isn't airing the UGA game and my heart hurts just the slightest bit over that). Our farmer neighbors have a lovely crop of pumpkin and gourds for sale that they've placed at the end of their driveway. As soon as I translate the sign they put out, I'm going to buy a few for a fall centerpiece.

*Side note* As Z and I were checking out the goods, we speculated about what the sign might say. Z suggested it said "leave your money at the door and take your gourds" and I suggested that it said "poisonous darts will be shot at those who fail to pay for gourds". I'll let you know whose translation is closest to the actual sign. (Hint: it's probably mine) 
*End side note*

Fall is one of the most wonderful seasons and I'm really hoping it's prolonged here in Germany so that we don't rush into winter before I'm adequately prepared (impossible). 

The second reason I'm excited about September this year: My parents are coming visit! This is our first set of visitors and a great excuse to finally put up those guest room curtains, finish painting, know...clean. Not that we don't clean. But there's a different level of clean that happens when you're having guests, you know what I'm saying? It's good for the house. Everyone wins. But mostly we're just so excited to see our family and show them around our new life. 

The THIRD reason I'm excited about September this year: I start working on Monday. After 3 months off. Three glorious months. I told Z that I think I'm going to miss being a woman of leisure. I was really getting the hang of it there at the end. 

Mostly, I just love a new season. Not like I need a change of pace or entire life recently has been a change of pace. But there's something so invigorating and, at the same time, comforting about the steady certain arrival of a new season. Remind me of this moment when I write the "I-hate-winter-it's-so-cold-here-I'm-not-gonna-make-it" post that will inevitably happen in a few months. I like to pick and choose which seasons to welcome with an open mind and fresh-faced optimism.

So happy fall, y'all! 

Or, as they say in Germany: _____ Herbst!  

Hang on, let me Google Translate that. I don't know how to say "happy". 

Ok ok. It's "gl├╝cklich Herbst". I was 50% there. 

And I don't really know if they say that.

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