Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Fundamentals

I just tried to access my blog via ARM There Yet. I got redirected to a page that I can only assume said "We're sorry, the blog ARM There Yet does not exist. Also...what? That doesn't even make sense" but the page was in German so I'll never know. What I'm trying to say brain is at the end. 

My Rosetta Stone came in the mail yesterday and my main task at work right now is "learning German" so I jumped into the deep end without floaties, because floaties are for wimps. Z and I have had serious talks about this, as we were both competitive swimmers at one point in our lives. Ok well, Z was way more competitive than I was. I did about a year on Swim Atlanta and decided I liked to sleep in instead of wake up for 5am pratice. Z swam in college, so he wins. THE POINT IS...we don't "do" floaties in the Landis household. I have this terrible memory of going to the pool with one of my friends at a very young age and her mom wasn't comfortable with the fact that I was assuring her I knew how to swim, so she slapped some floaties on me. I spent that day standing with my arms stuck out perpendicular from my body, straight as boards, just sort of looking around uncomfortably. We've since lost touch and I think we could probably trace the unraveling of our friendship back to that day.

Bring it back around, Katie. The point is...we don't do floaties...I jumped into Rosetta Stone without the proverbial floaties...and I may have overdone it. Let's just say there are about 5 hours of my day that I feel like have been scrambled into a mess of Deutsch. And I'm sitting here right now trying DESPERATELY to remember how to pronounce the word "girl" in German and it's like...nothing. I can't remember it. I can visualize it, I can spell it...but pronunciation is not happening. 

I think my brain is overheated. It just...stopped working. And I don't blame it. I have a headache and I'm mentally exhausted from trying to force my brain to hold onto these strange words and teach my mouth how to form these strange sounds. It's like my brain is a 4-year-old child that wanted a kitten SO BADLY and finally got that kitten and loved the kitten SO MUCH that it ended up smothering that kitten while trying to hug it so tightly. My brain is trying to hug German and love German and desperately wants German to stay with it, but German is a wiggly kitten and today, my brain smothered it...and now the German is gone. I feel as dejected as if I hugged my new kitten to death. 

Overzealous? Yes, probably. But I'm just so very determined to learn this language. Watch what I DO remember though...are you ready?

Ich habe zwei grüne Äpfel.

I have two green apples.

OR, the variation... Ich habe zwei Äpfel. Sie sind grün.

I have two apples. They are green.

So you can see, at least, that what I AM retaining is the really important stuff needed in day-to-day communication, especially in a business environment. Thank goodness.

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  1. I am so proud of you, Katie!! Now I've just learned along with you! I have two green apples. (going to Google for the audio pronunciation right now). The only Arabic I remember is "I like watermelon". Very useful as well. I pull it out at parties and wow the crowd... Anyhoo. Be patient with yourself. You are awesome! Love and hugs