Tuesday, October 16, 2012

But I do like winning...

It's taking a lot more work to get out of bed each morning these days. Germany was really cute, showing off with gorgeous sunny days when my parents were here. I can only imagine this is what it will be like with our children one day...while the grandparents are here, everyone is in perfect form. Good manners, pleasant attitudes, a joy to be around...then BAM! You suckers, anyone can pull that off for 4 days...welcome back to the other 361 days of reality. That's what Germany is doing right now. Goodbye, crisp Fall days. Goodbye, warm sunshine. Auf wiedersehen, stunning Autumn leaves. 

Hello, cold, wet, dreary, dark, grey, nasty days. (Sigh)

It takes about three cups of a tea and usually one to two cups of hot chocolate to get me through a typical day. And that's a conservative estimate. 

So it's happening. I'm about to experience my first German winter...and right now I'm thinking we're only about three weeks away from our first snow. Z and I actually have a bet on it. He thinks it won't snow until Thanksgiving. He is going to lose. We haven't decided on the stakes yet, but it will be something amazing because I want to win something amazing. Right now we just talk broadly like "oh man, you're going to be so jealous when I win something amazing!" or "I hope you won't feel bad when I have something amazing after I win this bet". 

It lacks...conviction. But as soon as we figure out what winning this bet entails, it will be a fierce competition wrought with nail-biting hourly checks of the weather apps and thoughtful "Those sure look like snow clouds" commentary. But let me just present you with the facts...yesterday the high was 45 AND it was cloudy and rained most of the day. And this is October. SURELY those temperatures will dive below freezing by the beginning of November. 

Not that I'm excited about that. Because I'm not. But I do like winning. So there's that.

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