Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eeyore days

So I've started running again, because, well, German beer. And because when I've had a rough day, I usually resort to shoveling gummy bears in my mouth and suddenly, woops that was the whole package and why don't I feel good? So many gummy bears. But also because I need the extra endorphins and energy to help me get through these rapidly shortening and almost always gloomy days. Now that's starting to get dark around 6:30, I find that I'm ready for bed at around 6:45. This poses a lot of problems...there's the whole we-need-to-eat-dinner issue, for starters.

Also because this is what the weather looks like most days. 

I KNOW, right?! Total downer. A fog basically descends over the whole area in various degrees...sometimes (mornings and evenings) it's really thick and heavy and you don't want to be outside due to vampires and werewolves. Other times it's lighter and higher but still just kind of hanging there like a giant, melancholy Eeyore and you're thinking about how getting out of bed is a complete waste because WHY?! Cruel world.

On the rare occasion when the sun does break through, I feel a great sense of urgency to get out there and soak. it. up. It was starting to get awkward that I was just going out into the backyard alone and standing there, so I figured, hey, running! Although if I try to plan my run around when the sun comes out, I'll really only get out about once every ten days...also, by the time I put my shoes on, the sun is normally gone again anyways.

It's just that I'm the kind of person that is really affected by gloomy weather and the changing seasons, ESPECIALLY the end of Daylight Savings Time (here in Germany we fall back a week earlier than the US, which is disappointing since I was under the impression that Germany didn't DO Daylight Savings). As soon as it gets dark outside, I get tired and sad and mopey and feel like it's time for bed...even if it's only 7pm. And I feel like a sad zombie after days and days of dreary grey skies. 

(Side note, if you were to ask Z about the weather, he would say that it's sunny every day. Because maybe the sun comes out for a few minutes every day. MAYBE. But this just shows the difference between a person the weather DOES affect (me) and a person unaffected by weather (Z). He does not feel the weight of this dreary weather the same way that I do, so he is mostly baffled by my gloom-induced lethargy.)

So...running. So far so least until the temperature drops and then, well...more gummy bears.

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