Friday, November 30, 2012

Serious snow

So, it snowed again. But this time FOR REAL. 

Last time was definitely real snow, don't get me wrong. It was real enough to win the bet.

But this time it's serious snow. Like 5 inches in one day and continuing for the next three days, bring out the snow plows, salt the roads SNOW.

Z and I don't have much experience with serious snow. This was most evident when Z walks in last night and announces he's going to be outside for a while. But why, you just got home? Well, turns out when he parked his car in the driveway and got out to open the garage door, his car slid right back down into the street. Don't be alarmed, there's no real danger since we live way out in the country. Not much traffic on our little road. Also turns out we didn't have a snow shovel yet. So I'm pretty sure Z cleared the snow from our driveway with his windshield ice scraper. I don't know exactly what went on, I just know he was gone for a long time and when he finally came in he said "well, my car's in the garage. I had to get out on the passenger side, but it's in there". So in the fight between Z and the icy driveway, I'm not really sure who won. I am sure Z will be home with salt and a shovel tonight though.

I managed to slingshot my car into the driveway with enough speed/force so as to avoid the most treacherous patches of ice, so I'm ok for now. I still go check every so often to make sure my car is in the driveway though. So far so good. The BMW is made for this, right?

ALSO, turns out you need to plan extra time to get to your destination because when you leave the house, you WILL have to clear your car of snow. Even if you just did it a few hours before. Snow accumulates awful fast.

Living in place that knows how to handle snow is also a very new experience for me. I was awakened at 5:30 am by the sound of snow plows zipping around, clearing the roads for the morning commute. Life goes on as normal when it snows here. The grocery store remains fully stocked, schools and businesses stay's life as usual, just covered with powdered sugar.

But the upside, Oh the upside! It is BEAUTIFUL. Take-your-breath-away, am-I-in-a-movie-right-now? beautiful. I went to lunch with a friend (A FRIEND!!) today and had to park a few blocks away from the restaurant. We were meeting in this adorable little German town about 15 minutes away and as I'm walking to the restaurant I was just overwhelmed. Here I am, living in Germany, walking through a picturesque, snow-covered town, listening to the church bells toll noon, snow falling quietly around was so unreal. And I can hardly stop myself from pulling over on the side of the road every few miles to take pictures of the snowy scene, but that wouldn't be safe. I wish I could though...maybe this weekend Z and I will take a walk and I'll bring the camera along, because you guys have to see this. 

To give you an idea: have you seen the movie The Holiday? You know the scene where Cameron Diaz's character is hauling her luggage down the snowy lane and it pans out to show the country landscape before she gets to the house? Yes...that. THAT is what it looks like here. I kid you not. And when she goes into the town to grocery shop..yes. This is my life. I'm living in those scenes from the movie. 

Z LOVES the snow. He is so happy about it and his enthusiasm is contagious. I think I'm willing to forgive winter for being so horrible if it continues to snow like this, because the beauty just outweighs the negative aspects. Plus, huge bonus, the white snow reflects light so well that it's brighter around here than it has been in WEEKS. This is wonderful news. Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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