Sunday, December 9, 2012


A few disclaimers: If you've ever lived in a place that gets a lot of snow, this post probably won't make sense to you. But I haven't, and now I do, and it's exciting and new and crazy for me. So there's that.

Also, let's remember I am OCCASIONALLY dramatic (when absolutely necessary). And just know that I am completely safe and home right now. So it all turned out ok. So don't worry. Crisis averted.

Good? Good.

Today started out completely normal. I woke up excited because I was headed to Nuremberg with a friend to (finally) see the last Twilight movie...Z had to work this weekend so I was looking forward to getting out and spending some quality time with this new friend. As I was getting ready, I checked the weather to determine what to wear. It was freezing cold and snow was supposed to move in later in the day. Nuremberg was supposed to be cold but clear all day. No snow in the forecast. With this in mind I decided to forgo my serious snow boots and wear my very cute but very tread-less and not very warm fashionable boots. I was pleased that we had decided to see the 11:15 am movie because it meant we'd be home before the bad weather AND before it got dark...and I hate driving in the dark. And I've never driven in a snow storm. 

So we go to the movie and afterwards walk outside to find a thin layer of snow covering the ground...wait, this isn't wasn't supposed to snow here. It's snowing hard. No matter, let's just get in the car and go. We'll make it home in an hour and it will be all good.

FALSE. You guys. Where do they give out the blue ribbons, because I need to pick mine up. I drove through a WHITE-OUT, blizzard-esque, extremely treacherous snowpocalypse without ending up in a ditch, crying, or calling Z to come pick us up. That snow came so hard and so fast that the plows didn't even have a chance. Sure, we saw 4 snow plows on our way home. ALL GOING THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. 

I don't even know how to explain to you what a crazy experience it was. We never got past 3rd gear, we slid down every hill and fishtailed around every curve and corner. I lost my breath every time I felt the wheels leave pavement and fight for traction. We couldn't see the road...we relied on the tire tracks in front of us. We passed cars spun in the opposite direction. I prayed we would make it up every hill. I drifted around turns in a way that would make Vin Diesel proud (Fast and the Furious reference, keep up). And the whole time I'm contorting my body every which way because my wipers kept freezing, making it nearly impossible to see around the slushy splashes across the windshield. We had to stop multiple times to knock the ice off the wipers. We kept up pleasant conversation, cut short by every slip and slide of the car, then haltingly restarted with a nervous laugh or deep exhale. We agreed wine was in our future. It was THE most stressful slash exhilarating drive EVER. I think it turns out that it was better that I was least I felt like I had some tiny amount of control as the driver...I would have been a nervous wreck as a passenger. Also, now I have accomplished a treacherous icy drive. So I know I can do it. I know how my car responds and how to take a turn that I know will throw the back of the car into a spin. I know how to ride 2nd gear down a hill instead of braking. I feel incredibly proud of myself. I am not in a ditch on the side of the road! (To be fair, I was never seriously worried about our safety. The only TRULY scary moments were when the road was flanked by deep ditches...otherwise, I think we could have recovered from any other mishap. Probably.)

When I got home after dropping off my friend at the bottom of the hill leading to her house, I couldn't get my car into our driveway. Cruel world, I made it all the way home and NOW I can't accomplish getting my car into MY OWN DRIVEWAY? No sir. Z was still at work so I went inside, changed into my serious boots, and came back armed with the snow shovel. I shoveled out a spot and revved my little car right into the driveway. Take that, Winter.

Afterwards I looked outside and just couldn't help myself. SO much snow had fallen and was continuing to fall. I had about 30 minutes of daylight left, so I grabbed my phone and headed out on a walk around our town. Oh, it was just magical. So quiet. So beautiful. I was truly, completely, wonderfully happy. Here's some pictures I took...

When I left this morning, there was no snow on the driveway. I had to carve this spot out.

Walking down our street

The tree in our little town. I LOVE this.

Frozen stream in our town

It's like living in wintry movie scene

There's a road there somewhere

Ahhhh. I love it so much. 

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