Saturday, January 26, 2013

Just in case Us Weekly ever contacts me...

So there's this thing going around in the "blog world"...
*pause* Don't ever say that sentence in real life. People will think you're a weirdo and/or have no life. *resume* It's a link-up type activity where you post facts about yourself and it's a type of "get to know the person behind the blog", social networking bond and you maybe get some new readers and whatnot.

But we're not about that here, are we? (Answer: no we are not) I don't know who reads my little self-indulgent blog or how well you know me. I mean, I know some of you who comment or reference something I posted. And I love that. But I'm not in the business of trying to "get readers", you know? I welcome anyone who does take the time to enter into this slice of my brain and I applaud those who stick around for each post (thanks Mom). But for me, this is a fun hobby, a good way to stay in touch, and a wonderful way for me to store memories. This is my Tupperware container for the brain. It is my Rubbermaid tub of moments. I won't go so far to liken it to a "scrapbook" because that assumes organization and creativity and stickers and acid-free glue and AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. Let's not pretend that this is painstakingly crafted with pinking shears. It's definitely more of a storage bin approach...dump it all in, sit on the lid to get it to latch, stuff in the closet. Maybe label it, if you're feeling really overzealous and organized. Then remove from closet three years later, go through it with smiles and fondness. That's all. 

I digress.

So. The fact thing. I like the idea. I enjoyed reading other friends "facts of me". So I'll jump on this bandwagon without the "linking up to other blogs" side of it. ALSO, it's really important to store away a few (interesting?) facts about yourself. Because what if you're doing an icebreaker activity with a new group of people or (heaven forbid) your coworkers? Or what if you become famous and Us Weekly contacts you to do their "25 Things You Didn't Know About (Your Name here)" You don't want to be lame in these circumstances, youknowwhatI'msaying?

So here's some "facts of me":

It is my firm belief that popcorn tastes best if it is about 24 hours old. 

I have completed 2 half marathons and have (loose) plans for more in the future. I do not enjoy running. I enjoy having ran.

My greatest moments of accomplishment are when I have successfully cracked up the most important men in my life: my husband, my brothers, and my dad (not all at once, though. That would be my Mt. Everest). Making them laugh is my favorite thing and has taken years of dedication and focus. 

It bothers me A LOT when my cellphone battery goes anywhere below 90%. I have it constantly plugged in during the day. This makes me feel more secure. 

I spend a lot of time giving Olive hugs that she doesn't want. She will start to squirm and pull away and maybe even give me a little nip, but I just squeeze her tighter. I think it's important that she knows she's loved so she can grow up to be well-adjusted and emotionally healthy. Also I hope it negates the amount of times I yell NO at her during the day. I plan on using this same tactic on my future children.

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. I once wrote an entire blog post about Valentine's Day on my old blog...but now it's gone and I'll probably have to write another one. I'm ok with that. My mom always made a big deal of holidays growing up...color-themed meals, gifts, decorations...and she has passed this love on to me. But Valentine's Day definitely takes the (heart-shaped with pink and red sprinkles) cake. I have felt this way for as long as I can remember. Even during those rough high school years where the only Valentines I got were from my fellow braces-wearing girlfriends...My love for Valentine's Day is unwavering.

My hair disappoints me every day and I take it pretty personally.

I used to HATE cheesecake. Couldn't stand even the tiniest taste of it. Now it is one of my favorite desserts.

One of the earliest memories I have that includes both of my brothers is when we (they) caught a frog in our backyard creek. He lived in an aquarium under our back deck and his name was GI Toad, American Frog-o. We would run outside singing GI TOOOOOOAD! REAL AMERICAN FROG-O to the tune of the GI Joe cartoon theme song. You know the one.

Actually, most of my early memories involve my brothers and reptiles of some sort. 

So there you have it, friends. A little weekend factual fun for you. Happy Saturday! 

PS: Only 19 more days until Valentine's Day! Try to contain your excitement. Or don't. Either way.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

No news news.

Well here we are. In that mid-January slump where the cold, grey, dreary days drone on and you think "I should probably get started on those resolutions I made" and the only bit of happiness on the horizon (Valentine's Day, of course) is still weeks away.

There's really not much to report from our end, but I thought I'd check in anyways. (Hi Sam!)

Let's just get on with the news...

1) It's still freezing cold every day. We are expecting a lot of snow this week. You know how I feel about this.

2) Olive is the greatest. She is already so much bigger and I miss her little puppy face. We spoil her rotten and love her so very much.

3) I've been traveling for work more frequently...Aarhus and Hamburg mostly. Of course I prefer to be working from home in my pjs, but it's nice to get out and have interaction with the rest of the world.

4) Z and I are REALLY missing nice weather...we miss bike rides and traveling. We do have plans to head to Berlin for a weekend, but it's just hard to get excited about new places when you know what sort of weather awaits...we need warmth and sun. 

5) You guys, I'm going to Norway in February. For a work conference that includes 2 days of skiing. 

Upside? Norway! Skiing! Northern Lights (I am SO hoping for a chance to see these)! 

Downside? Norway in February. FREEZING COLD. Skiing...I have never skied before. So picture this...all of my colleagues, whooshing down the big slopes with ease and grace. Me, sliding down the bunny hills on my rear-end. I will be going to ski school, but let's be much can you really accomplish in two days of skiing? HOWEVER, I am determined to be bold and adventurous and try new things...even if it means being the lone adult on the kiddie slopes. Also, we learned that NOW is the time to buy serious winter gear. We went to the mall to get me some new mittens and snow pants and HELLO 70% off! 

So yeah. That's why you haven't heard much from us lately. There's just not much to report.

But enough about us, what about you guys? How is your mid-January going? How excited are you about Valentine's Day? I know, right?! ONLY 26 MORE DAYS. Incidentally, I am REALLY missing Target right about now. There is nothing I want more than to be able to walk into that lovely store and be overwhelmed with Valentine's Day Extravaganza...oh man, you guys. Someone go in and take some pictures and email them to me, ok? Please? If a Target employee tries to stop you, explain to them how you're supporting the troops and boosting morale and if Target wants to be pro-American, they'll kindly walk away and not say another word about it. I find this tactic works well.

In the meantime, we continue to trudge through winter in Germany. We drink a lot of hot chocolate, tea and coffee. We watch a lot of movies. Z listens to his audio books that include words like "regime, invasions, echelon" and I tune them out while browsing Pinterest. Olive snores on her bed nearby. Occasionally we bundle up and head out on a long walk, but one of us usually gets too cold and whiny (looking at you, Olive). The cold hits your bones and numbs your face and makes you never want to leave the house again. But it is beautiful when the snow is fresh and you stop to hear nothing but silence...

So there you have it. It's a quiet life we lead these days and that's ok with us.

Until next time...