Sunday, January 20, 2013

No news news.

Well here we are. In that mid-January slump where the cold, grey, dreary days drone on and you think "I should probably get started on those resolutions I made" and the only bit of happiness on the horizon (Valentine's Day, of course) is still weeks away.

There's really not much to report from our end, but I thought I'd check in anyways. (Hi Sam!)

Let's just get on with the news...

1) It's still freezing cold every day. We are expecting a lot of snow this week. You know how I feel about this.

2) Olive is the greatest. She is already so much bigger and I miss her little puppy face. We spoil her rotten and love her so very much.

3) I've been traveling for work more frequently...Aarhus and Hamburg mostly. Of course I prefer to be working from home in my pjs, but it's nice to get out and have interaction with the rest of the world.

4) Z and I are REALLY missing nice weather...we miss bike rides and traveling. We do have plans to head to Berlin for a weekend, but it's just hard to get excited about new places when you know what sort of weather awaits...we need warmth and sun. 

5) You guys, I'm going to Norway in February. For a work conference that includes 2 days of skiing. 

Upside? Norway! Skiing! Northern Lights (I am SO hoping for a chance to see these)! 

Downside? Norway in February. FREEZING COLD. Skiing...I have never skied before. So picture this...all of my colleagues, whooshing down the big slopes with ease and grace. Me, sliding down the bunny hills on my rear-end. I will be going to ski school, but let's be much can you really accomplish in two days of skiing? HOWEVER, I am determined to be bold and adventurous and try new things...even if it means being the lone adult on the kiddie slopes. Also, we learned that NOW is the time to buy serious winter gear. We went to the mall to get me some new mittens and snow pants and HELLO 70% off! 

So yeah. That's why you haven't heard much from us lately. There's just not much to report.

But enough about us, what about you guys? How is your mid-January going? How excited are you about Valentine's Day? I know, right?! ONLY 26 MORE DAYS. Incidentally, I am REALLY missing Target right about now. There is nothing I want more than to be able to walk into that lovely store and be overwhelmed with Valentine's Day Extravaganza...oh man, you guys. Someone go in and take some pictures and email them to me, ok? Please? If a Target employee tries to stop you, explain to them how you're supporting the troops and boosting morale and if Target wants to be pro-American, they'll kindly walk away and not say another word about it. I find this tactic works well.

In the meantime, we continue to trudge through winter in Germany. We drink a lot of hot chocolate, tea and coffee. We watch a lot of movies. Z listens to his audio books that include words like "regime, invasions, echelon" and I tune them out while browsing Pinterest. Olive snores on her bed nearby. Occasionally we bundle up and head out on a long walk, but one of us usually gets too cold and whiny (looking at you, Olive). The cold hits your bones and numbs your face and makes you never want to leave the house again. But it is beautiful when the snow is fresh and you stop to hear nothing but silence...

So there you have it. It's a quiet life we lead these days and that's ok with us.

Until next time...

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  1. Love love. NORWAY will be amazing. It'll be cold, but here's to hoping you're having SO MUCH FUN that you won't notice?'s hard to MISS subzero temps. But down clothing (which is not always work-appropriate because it is ugly) will make all the difference in the world. So as long you're moving, not showing an inch of skin, and frequent the bar, you'll be good to go. A little liquid courage really goes a long way and covers a multitude of ills. Trust me on this one. I have a feeling it might be your solution to the blistering cold of Norway.