Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Listen, it's 6:51am and I'm waiting for my jeans to dry (in the next 9 minutes ohpleasepleaseplease) before I hit the road to Munich for a few days of work at a customer site.

I got home around 9:15 last night because my boss is an angel and let me change flights so I could actually see Z for 2 hours instead of the 15 minutes my original flight would have allowed. I won't see him for most of February and March the way our work travel schedules are set up for the next few months...booo.

I miss you guys though. I just wanted you to know that. And I have posts brewing in my brain about our trip to Berlin and my trip to Norway. 

Here's what you can get excited for:

1. Lots of pictures from our Berlin trip
2. An account of My First (and possibly last) Snow Skiing Experience. It's like getting hit by a truck, except worse. I may physically recover, but emotionally? Unlikely.

Also, in case you're feeling a little blue today...VALENTINE'S DAY! A mere 9 days away. 

So hang in there. We'll meet again soon. Eat some heart-shaped chocolates in the meantime. 

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