Saturday, March 2, 2013

Let's laugh a little bit

Ok. Maybe it was a rough week. Maybe we lost all our Paris pictures. Maybe we need to giggle about some things.

So let's share the laughter. Maybe you need to giggle too. 

I love people. I love that people do funny things like this video. It gives me faith in humanity after all. 

If you haven't listened to the original version of this song, maybe it won't be as funny to you. Or maybe it's still hilarious. I just know that I laugh a LOT whenever I see it. 

So then I got lost in a YouTube rabbit hole and came across this next video. Let me preface it by telling this story: when I was 13, my dad took me to San Francisco for a few days. It was awesome. We saw Marcel Marceau (unforgettable), we toured around the city, hit up the hot was a great weekend. When we went to Pier 39, I remember rounding the corner and seeing all the seals stacked up and hearing them barking and wailing and for some reason it tickled me SO MUCH and I cracked up. I could not stop laughing about those stupid seals...

This is like that. I don't know why, but these types of things are just funny to me.

I'm aware most of the videos I've shared on here feature goats. That's just the way it shakes out. No special reason.

Happy Saturday. Happy March. 


  1. Ha! My older kids have been telling me about these videos! So funny, thanks for sharing. PS I think the goat sounds better than Ms. Swift.

    1. :) I can't even hear the original song without that goat screaming in my head. I love it.