Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Things I Love: Living in Germany edition

It's no secret that I hate don't love the winter in Germany. But let's talk about what I DO love about living in Germany. Because we need to think positive thoughts as the snow CONTINUES to fall outside right now. Hmph.

1. The food. Butterbrezel. Käsebrezel mit schinken. Any kind of brezel. German bakeries make THE BEST soft pretzels. And I will never say no to one. That's just the start. German food is delicious. It is comfort food...it is meats swimming in sauces with some form of delicious carb on the side. It is fresh salads pulled right from the garden out back. OH it is good. 

2. The autobahn. At first, the autobahn is terrifying. Too much, too fast. But then, you get used to it and you're like "What is this joker doing going 130kph?! MOVE IT!" and you're in the "slow" lane. That's 80mph, y'all. 

3. The location. Germany is pretty central to a lot of great European destinations. We can road-trip to places like Italy, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, you get the idea. This amazes me. 

4. The area. Bavaria. I specifically love our little slice of Germany. I love that I can hear the train swoosh by at night. I love that the tractors wake me up at the crack of dawn. I love hearing the cows and the church bells. I love that we can walk everywhere in our town. I love that the waitresses at our restaurant know us and the check-out ladies at the grocery store are always the same. I've never lived "the country life" before now and I'm pretty surprised at how much I've enjoyed it. 

5. The puppy. Ok ok, I realize our dog is a weird thing to put in this list of things I love about living in here, but Germany is where we got our sweet Olive, our "baby" and so Olive will always be an integral part of our Germany experience and our memories of life in Germany. Plus, I love how Germany is so dog-friendly. So many people stop to talk to us (or just Olive if they only speak German) when we take her out on walks and this just warms my heart.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, Olive's sweet face hasn't been on this blog much lately. Allow me to remedy this.

Remember this post where we introduced Olive? I look at those pictures now and cannot believe how much she has already grown in just over 2 months...she's going to be a monster when it's all said and done (and we are thrilled about this). 

And this is how our trucker puppy  little lady sleeps (you'll want your sound on to hear her sweet symphony):

Come visit us and fall in love with Germany like we have! (Olive sleeps in your room, though)

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  1. We would love to have Olive in our room....SO PRECIOUS! I think she might end up being bigger than Stella :)