Thursday, March 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday: College memories

So, Z and I didn't meet until after college. This means that a large chunk of "who we are" needs to be explained to each other...blanks need to be filled in. 

I suppose that it would be natural to think that this would also apply to things like "high school" and "childhood" but I have the special (and unusual) privilege of being really good friends with a group of girls that Z went to high school I'm pretty clear on high school Zach. This is one of my favorite things, to get a peek at my husband as a 17 year old through the eyes of some of my favorite girlfriends. They were his prom dates and his swimming teammates and his hang-out buddies...and somehow my life intersected with theirs and they adopted me into their "group" and now I get to hear hilarious stories about my husband as a high schooler. I almost feel like I went to high school with them now. (Thankfully, that is not the case. I'm not sure Z and I would have ended up together had we experienced each other in high school.)

I digress. What I'm trying to say is, we both have all of these college memories and experiences that are completely separate and mostly unknown to each other. This makes me sad in some ways, but in other ways it is FABULOUS. There are some things I'm glad he didn't experience with me, and vice versa. The fun part is when a certain memory bubbles up or a story is told and suddenly an explanation is required. So we get to pull out and dust off this fragmented unknown part of our lives and put a few more pieces of this puzzle together. The Katie/Zach-In-College Puzzle.

What normally ends up happening is this: if it's a story I'm telling, I typically end up laughing a little and shaking my head at the end of it. If it's a story Z is telling, I usually end up shaking my head and saying something like "I'm glad I didn't know you in college" or "Seriously? Did that happen? For real?" Our college experiences could not be more different.

So tonight, somehow we had a conversation about eating habits, which led me to explain my college diet to Z. It went something like this: Lucky Charms for breakfast. Dining hall burrito for lunch (lots of queso). Lucky Charms for after-class snack. Dining hall waffle with peanut butter, chocolate syrup, and ice cream for dinner (I still think about this. It was so good. I mean, SO GOOD). Lucky Charms for pre-bed snack. Coke with all meals. Repeat daily. Zach is fascinated by this. He was served well-balanced meals daily and rarely left to his own devices when it came to food. Even then, he probably would have made better dietary decisions.

This is what happens when you grow up in a house with no junk food (looking at you, Mom) and then you're suddenly released into the wild with no parameters. The freedom is intoxicating...oh I can buy this? I can eat this WHENEVER I WANT? TRY ALL THE POP-TART FLAVORS!

I'd like to laugh and shake my head and say something like "oh thank goodness I grew out of THAT" and chalk it up to another college memory to share with Z and leave in the past... but the truth is, I still have trouble shopping like a responsible adult. Yes, I do it. I stick to the perimeter and buy things like spinach and brussel sprouts. I read labels and plan healthy meals. But I still fight the urge to pick up a box of Lucky Charms when I hit the cereal aisle. And when Z was gone for three weeks, I bought a box of Frosted Pop Tarts. And ate them all. 

And they were amazing. 

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