Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Coping mechanisms and puppy pedicures

Oh hey guys...

What's going on? You think about it for a minute, and I'll tell you what's been going on here.

So, in an effort to cope with my feelings about my accidental haircut, I've spent a lot of my time looking around at people and seeing how many men have the same haircut as me. As you can imagine, this is not a great coping mechanism...yet I persevere. In addition to NUMEROUS locals (American and German alike) I have compiled this brief list:

1. Justin Bieber
2. Pink (I'm ok with this one. Also, not a man! Bonus points)
3. David Beckham (I'm actually ok with this one, too)
4. This random guy... 

For a more extensive list, please see THIS. (MY GOSH, I love the internet)

And, in my quest to find security and self-worth via the internet regarding this hairstyle, I also came across this quote:
"The modern day "quiff" is a hair style that combines the 1950's Elvis pompadour with the 1980's Duran Duran mohawk. This has now developed into a major hairstyle trend for both men and women. Male models and celebrities like Rachel Wood and Alicia Keys have made it feminine and fashionable for women."

I don't know who said/wrote that, but God bless them. Major hairstyle trend. Nailed it.

Although I'm not quite sure about that last sentence. Does that mean that male models have made it feminine and fashionable for women? I don't know. I don't care. I'm totally en vogue, ok? Don't take that from me.

Obviously still scarred from the hair trauma.

Check back in a few weeks. 

What else? Z's parents are coming in town this weekend. And thank goodness, because the house really needed to be cleaned. I mean, cleaned again. In addition to the usual weekly cleaning. 

We are SO excited. 

We are also desperately trying to turn Olive into a calm, well-behaved, non-slobbering monster in 4 short days. Progress? Microscopic.

I also spend a lot of time trying to keep her clean since her bath on Monday. Progress? Reverse. 

Today I actually found myself sitting cross-legged on the floor with a pot of hot water and doggy shampoo, hand-washing Olive's paws. It was like a puppy pedicure. And I just thought, "is this the level I've reached? I'm on the floor, dipping my dogs paws in hot soapy water, individually scrubbing each foot, and then thoroughly towel-drying between her toes. I am that person. Is there any way I can make a parallel between this and Jesus washing the disciples' feet? ANY way? No...probably not. Rats. There is no way to rationalize this moment." 

And you know what? That little shit princess is going to go outside and dig her toenails into the wet, black, stinky dirt the very next time I let her outside. Sigh. One day I'll look back on this time in my life when I actually expended energy to keep my DOG'S feet clean and I'll laugh and laugh as I remove the pacifier from the dog's slobbery water bowl and stick it in my kid's mouth.

So yeah, a lot of important things happening over here, what with the self-preservation googling of celebrities with my haircut and puppy paw-washing...

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  1. oh my you are so funny. hello to zach and olive. p.s. you are looking lovely, as always!