Monday, July 29, 2013

Spain and an update

Oh heeeeeey.

It's been a little quiet around here recently because, well, we're boring.

But we just got back from a week in Spain and I have pictures for you! And pictures of Olive (for those that don't follow me on Instagram). And a general "State of the Union". Let's do that first.

So, at the beginning of July I dropped down to a part-time work schedule. 20 hours a week, also known as Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday. It is both awesome and an adjustment. I am really enjoying my free time and the ability to have a life outside of my job (read: take afternoon naps). But it is weird to take a step back and move into a more supportive role...waiting to be given tasks rather than having a really involved and proactive role. I still think it was a good decision. I'm certainly a lot less stressed. And I've read 3 books. 

Z continues to be very busy at work, so this vacation couldn't have come at a better time. We spent most of the week in Spain just laying by the pool reading and I kept saying "do you want go explore?" or "should we go do something?" but the truth was that we both wanted nothing more than to sit in the sun and have NOTHING to do but sip cold beverages and flip pages of our books. It was heavenly. 

Summer in Germany has been wonderful...reminding me again why I love this country (oh how quickly I forget the pain of winter). It's been sunny and hot...just perfect, except on those days when the temperature climbs into the 90s and we remember that we do not have air conditioning. Even then, I try not to complain...snow is so much worse.

So that is the update from us. Oh, except also, BIG NEWS. I'm growing out my hair. It's been short for about a year and I've loved it. But I'm ready for a change. I have already tried to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for the inevitable grow-out stage best known as "the mullet"...but I'm not sure I'm strong enough to stick it out. I feel like I just might cave and chop it all off again. We'll see how it goes. I will keep you posted, as I know this change makes you as anxious as it does me. We'll get through this together. 

And now. Spain. We were on the southeastern coast, Costa Blanca. Specifically, Alicante. More specifically, Moraira. Cumbre del Sol, if you want to get down to the real specifics. If you guys ever find yourself planning a Spanish vacation, allow me to give you the link to the villa we rented. Just look...

Our view in one direction

Our view in the other direction. Mediterranean sea. Ahhhh.

Our villa for the week 

Balcony off the master bedroom

From our patio. *sigh*

Our pool. I laid there all day, every day. 

Eating area...the whole room opened up to the patio for a fabulous indoor/outdoor experience.

Happy camper

Sunset over the mountains

I can't help myself

We grilled out one night...Can't get over the views.

Another sunset

We ventured into Moraira for dinner one night.

The harbor at Moraira

Little trip to Altea



I want to live here forever

Our dinner spot in town one evening. Right across from the beach.

One final shot from our hard to leave.

And now, Olive...

Big ol' pup

This is her "waiting for dinner" face.

Tangle of legs

She sleeps like this more often than not. 


  1. Oh my gosh:
    1) SPAIN!! Holy mackerel! Amazing, beautiful...
    2) 3 Books! You go, girl
    3) Growing out the hair - woo hoo!
    4) Olive... OLIVE.... oh my... is she a bundle of sloppy love or what??

    Okay. There's my response. I hope the enthusiasm has been conveyed properly. So excited for you!!

  2. Good news for you. Spaniards love mullets. You would fit in nicely.