Monday, October 7, 2013

Am I missing something?

Someone asked me the other day, "Katie, do you have anything left to buy for the baby?"


"Anything left"?!?! How about "Katie, have you started buying anything for the baby yet?!" Because the answer is "What?"

Are there rules for this? A class I can take? Because I was unaware I should have already bought things for the baby. I have so much time for that. Right?

We have a crib (but no mattress). I was feeling pretty good about this until the above question was posed to me. Also, last weekend I walked into a pregnant friend's house and she showed me her TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, 100% ready nursery. And she's just a month further along in her pregnancy.

I guess I need to get on this? I need to get on this. 

Who would like to come get on this for me? Or at least send me a "How To Prepare for the Arrival of Your Baby" guide? You can leave out the "Select a Crib" chapter. We nailed that. Woops nope, we don't have a mattress yet. Leave that chapter in. Just in case.


  1. You're totally fine! We didn't even know what city we would be living in 2 months before Peyton was born. You don't need 75% of what everyone says are "must-haves." :-)

  2. Jaynah, I'm so relieved to hear this!