Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ATY Makeover (woo woo)

I was getting a little tired of the old design, one that I just sort of threw together when I started this blog up nearly two years ago.

So now there's this. It's clean and simple and I think I like it...which is a bold statement because any type of change stresses me out, makes me feel inexplicably sad, and causes me some level of emotion distress (I'm pretty much a perfect candidate for military wife life, obviously. Woops).

I'm working on it. So here we go. A new look for Army There Yet...what do you think? 

If it is stressing you, making you inexplicably sad, or causing any level of emotional distress, just hang in there. You'll feel better soon. You'll probably come to love this change. In the meantime, I suggest coping with some hot chocolate and a bowl of Cheerios. This works almost every time. We'll get through this.

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