Thursday, November 7, 2013

Baby Landis

Here in Germany we get an ultrasound every time we go to the doctor. I mean, if you're pregnant. Not just...because.

Anyways. This means that some people find out REALLY early (think 12 weeks) the sex of their little one.

Our 15 week appointment rolled around and I was so nervous/excited about the possibility of finding out the gender that my blood pressure and pulse were way elevated. Have I already told you this? I don't know. Maybe. I feel like I repeat myself all the time. Pregnancy brain is real, just ask Z.

ANYWAYS again. So I was so excited/nervous. And the doctor takes a look...and looks...and looks. Nothing. The baby is not cooperating. Tightly closed legs. Not moving. Nada.


Next appointment. Same thing. SIGH.

Next appointment. Same thing. SIIIIIIIIIGH. Doctor comments, "this baby does not want to cooperate..." I am concerned about what this means for our future.

Next appointment. This time, the baby is moving like a maniac. Kicking like crazy. The doctor just laughs and says "Sorry, I can't see a thing!"

Pull it together, Baby.

I decided that if we couldn't get a good view at this appointment, we would give up trying to know and just let it be a surprise. I should probably have discussed this with Z. But whatever. It was a moot point BECAUSE...

Another little princess is joining our family!! Baby Landis is a GIRL!

Olive is thrilled, as you can see. We are so excited!

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  1. Aw so exciting, Katie! Congrats, congrats! And the dog truly looks thrilled! Ha!