Friday, November 22, 2013

Simple Thanks

We did it last year, so we're doing it this year too. 

I'm thankful for a healthy, growing, kicking baby girl that we get to meet in approximately 103 days. 

I'm thankful for Z...I'm thankful that every time I ask him if he's nervous or scared or freaked out about having this baby, he doesn't hesitate before smiling and saying "No, I can't wait!" I'm thankful that he doesn't bat an eye as the expenses of preparing for this baby slowly but surely add up, even when I voice my anxiety about it. I'm thankful that on random week nights he'll turn to me and say "Hey, you want to play cribbage?" and then we do, just the two of us, sitting at our kitchen table. I love this. I'm thankful that he works so hard, not just in the Army, but at home and at relationships. I'm thankful that he makes me laugh so often.

I'm thankful for our supportive, loving families. We miss you all so much. Thanks for being so excited for this new granddaughter/niece. 

I'm thankful for new friends. Friends that come over for dinner, friends that meet us out for date-nights, friends to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve with...I'm so so SO thankful for friends (finally!) in Germany.

I'm thankful for a job/life situation that allows me to rest as much as I want and need to on any given day. I realize it will be a long time before I'll have this luxury again, and I am REALLY thankful for the flexibility to nap frequently, lounge often, or sit with a hot cup of tea and a book for a few hours on any given day. So many people have told me to enjoy and take full advantage of this "rest period" before the baby arrives, and I am taking that advice and not feeling guilty or lazy for doing so. After all, even just sitting here I'm growing a baby, and that is pretty hard work. 

I'm thankful for email and iMessage, the lifelines to my friends and loved-ones stateside (oh and one in Zambia too).

I'm thankful for my job. For real.

I'm thankful for huge, needy, slobbery, goofy Olive. She's going to be the best "big sister" ever. After she (hopefully) gets over the shock of no longer being the center of our attention. We're mildly concerned, but a few serious discussions with her should solve this problem. She's pretty rational, you know, for a dog.

I'm thankful for another holiday season in Germany, even though it's hard to be away from our families. At least there are Christmas markets.

I'm thankful for this little blog...and for each of you who take time to read it and connect with me.

There's a lot more to be thankful this season, and year-round. It's always good to take a moment and write them down, whether on your blog, in your journal, on Facebook, where ever. I encourage you to do this. It's almost (ALMOST) impossible to be upset about winter and snow and icy temperatures when you take the time to consciously list things you are grateful for. We have so, so much to be thankful for...

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