Saturday, November 16, 2013


There's no rhyme or reason to this post, just some things.

1. It has not snowed yet. This is truly a miracle AND a gift. And even though my iPhone weather app shows a little snowflake on Wednesday of this week, I will not be discouraged. Because it's November 16th, you guys. And we haven't had snow yet. Surely that's a record of some kind.

2. The sun sets around 4:30pm these days. Which means I'm ready for dinner by 4:35, which means I'm ready for bed by 5:15. Thankfully, I'm pregnant so following through on these readiness impulses is totally acceptable. 

3. Speaking of winter and being pregnant...I highly recommend this. I'm not NEARLY as cold as I usually am. It's like I have a little built-in heater. Amazing. (Note to self: never be pregnant in the summer)

4. Have we talked about my belly button yet? It is prominent. Protruding, even. And it is the number one thing people comment on when they see me. This is something I've never dealt with before...what do you say when someone points out your belly button? "Oh yeah...yep...there it is!" Help me out here. Also, a lot of my time and energy is spent being very concerned it will never return to normal. I'm only 24 weeks it going to stick out further?! Surely not. Right?

5. This week, we learned a pipe has burst under our house. Upon arriving and surveying the scene, the contractor who is fixing this issue drew me a picture (he's German and his English is lacking) and then shook his head and said simply "very big problem". Then he left, leaving a hole in our basement floor and all water damage untouched and unfixed. We haven't heard anything since. Mildly concerning.

6. I had to pause writing this post to get up and get ice cream topped with chopped up M&Ms and chocolate sauce. This is amazing to me. I do not have a sweet tooth and RARELY crave anything very sweet, especially not chocolate. We never have ice cream in the house. Pregnancy has changed all of this. We didn't even own an ice cream scoop until a few days ago.

That's all. 

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