Sunday, March 16, 2014

All the pictures

I think I've taken about 12 thousand pictures of Miss Zoe. And that's probably a conservative estimate.

This is the beauty of iPhones. Think what you will about technology and the decline of civilization and personal communication and oh-the-good-ol-days-when-people-made-eye-contact but let's be real...having an iPhone (or any smart phone) is pretty handy when it comes to taking pictures. (And also did anyone know ANYTHING about babies and parenting and all of that before Google? I'm seriously concerned).

I am not one to take pictures, just doesn't really fly on my radar screen, that whole "I should get a picture of this" compulsion.

But now? With a baby, I am suddenly compelled to take pictures almost every time she does anything. You might think, "but doesn't that mean you're attached to your phone all day long? That poor baby is going to grow up thinking the back of your iPhone is her mother!"

You might think that but I hope you wouldn't say it out loud. At least not to my face.

But the truth is NO. Because did you know about iPhones rapid shot feature? Where you just hold the picture-taking (shutter?) button down and it takes a bazillion rapid-fire pictures. Yes. This exists and it is life changing. So a few times a day, when Zoe is being particularly cute or smile-y, I just hold that button down, take about a gazillion pictures and the it's over. I'll go back later and look at them all, deleting the bazillion that didn't turn out great in favor of the 5 that are just ADORABLE.

Thanks, iPhone. I heart you.

Additionally, a friend told me about an app that has basically performed the task of half of my brain these last 6 weeks. You guys, if you're a mom to a newborn, a soon-to-be mom, or even thinking about being a mom someday, GET THIS APP. Yes, it's pricey at around 5 bucks (for an app). But worth every penny. It's called Total Baby and it basically keeps track of everything you're supposed to keep track of but have zero brain capacity or mental energy to actually keep track of...diapers, feedings, right side, left side, sleep time, wake time, bath time, and so on. Then it has an awesome graph feature that you can pull up to see what your baby has been doing over the past day, week, you can see a schedule start to emerge! And all you've done is push a button on your phone. Bam. Amazing. My mom will ask me "what's she supposed to be doing right now? Sleeping? Awake time?" and I just pull out that app and it tells me! The doctor wants to know how many dirty diapers she's had in the past 24 hours? APP TO THE RESCUE! There's no room in my brain to track how many times this kid poops, ok? That space is being occupied by my running tally of how many Thin Mints I get to eat when I get home.

Ok, I didn't start this post to plug the iPhone and I'm not being paid for that, so let's move on. PICTURES.

Side note: I'm not being paid to blog about Thin Mints or Cheerios either. I STILL don't understand this.

Seriously though. Pictures. So many.

One of the first pictures of her...Z holding her for the first time. Look how annoyed she is about being born. Little stinker.

And now a few snapshots of her first 6 weeks of life...we are so in love with this little one.

Oh, another note. We named her Zoe because we liked it (pronounced Zo-ee) and Marie after my great-grandmother on my mom's side. I love having two Z's in my life.

Since she was early, Zoe spent 11 days in the preemie ward at the hospital. Here's her little setup.

 Pitiful little babe after getting her IV put in her head. Hearing her scream was the WORST.

I hate that this picture is so grainy, but I love this picture of my man and his baby.

Finally going home!!

Olive keeping a close eye on Zoe


I love her little hands.


Ok. We have to stop there for now. It's getting to be too much to handle. Oh we are in love.


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