Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thin Mints: the Dark Side

I currently have 7 boxes of Thin Mints in the house, courtesy of some amazing care packages that arrived this week. All this tells me is that next time I talk about awards, I should discuss awarding myself with hundred dollar bills.

But seriously, SO MANY THIN MINTS. It's truly the greatest (especially because Z hasn't been home so they aren't rapidly disappearing). I'm hoarding cookies over here. 

Here's a true (shameful) story...the most recent box of Thin Mints I opened quietly and discreetly, and then turned the box around so the opened tab wouldn't be immediately noticeable to whomever might open the freezer (looking at you, Z). You see, Zach will eat Thin Mints in great quantity, but once we reach the end of a box, he is not one to open a new box. So I thought, this is great! I'll open the box but make it LOOK unopened. Award for being so sneaky!

But wouldn't you know it, next time I went to (covertly) reward myself, there was a drastic drop in Thin Mint quantity...and I do keep track of my inventory. I knew Zach had discovered the open box. Drat. So I fessed up about my (failed) scheme. I will have to try another tactic next time.

The bad news is that I made the HUGE mistake of telling Z via text message that we got a bunch of new boxes of Thin Mints. If I were REALLY sneaky, I would have kept that information to myself and had a secret stash. The only wrinkle in this plan is that I only like frozen Thin Mints (is there any other way to enjoy them? I think not) and so the plan would get really complicated and involve a secret freezer somewhere in our house and that is just one step further than I'm willing to go. I think. I don't know. It's a moot point now since I did the right thing and divulged our great abundance of those glorious cookies. Sigh. Nobody prepares you for this part of marriage.

Am I the only spouse whose dark side is revealed by the presence of Thin Mints? Surely not.

Anyways, it's out there now, this ugly side of me. Thankfully, that's probably as bad as it gets. I'm pretty sure, at least.

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