Monday, April 21, 2014

Keepin' it real

I woke up this morning (really really early, ZOE) and was overwhelmed and mildly horrified to realize I'M ALREADY DOING IT WRONG.

Did not get the memo about Easter outfits and family photos. Already looking into who to reprimand for this oversight.

While perusing social media I was bombarded with picture after picture of sweet babies in precious Easter outfits, smiling in front of their Easter baskets. Most of these babes even had shoes on. CUTE shoes. Easter shoes. Easter shoes to match their Easter outfits. COORDINATING HOLIDAY OUTFITS.

Not only this, but friends (with and without children) were all posting beautiful family pictures...everyone dressed nicely, looking great. Some families even had (here it is again) COORDINATING HOLIDAY OUTFITS. Or at least coordinating colors. Which, to me, is the same thing.


And I'm all over here like "Zoe doesn't really needs pants today, right? I mean, I'm just going to have to take them off every time she needs a diaper change and then put them back ON again and that's just...well, it's a lot to ask."

And really, it's not the cute pictures and sweet outfits that I'm a little bit bitter about. It's the fact that in all of these pictures (save for my fellow Germany-residing friends), it looks WARM. And sunny. I can almost FEEL the warmth coming through the pictures. And then I go outside and have to knock the ice out of Olive's water bowl. How am I supposed to put Zoe in a cute little dress when there is FROST on the ground? I can't handle this.

Secondly, church for us looked like watching Andy Stanley's sermon online from our couch. So, yeah...all dressed up and nowhere to go is really just a huge waste of all dressed up, so I avoid it. A family picture would have been me in yoga pants and a sweatshirt, Z in jeans in a tshirt, and Zoe in a plain white onesie with pink pants. Just kidding, she didn't have pants on. Don't get carried away.

Thank goodness Zoe's Oma sent an Easter basket in the mail, because otherwise...that wouldn't have happened either. Here's the thing, I am one of the 5 people in the world who actually LIKE Marshmallow Peeps, but I'm not going to go out and buy them for myself (or for Zoe's Easter basket which, consequently, turns out to be for me). I have my dignity (she says as she finishes off the bag of jelly beans).

But the great news is twofold:

1. Easter is still a glorious day full of joy and celebration, even (or especially?) without cute outfits or a big family get-together or Easter baskets and candy-filled eggs. He is Risen. This news is the same regardless of how the day is celebrated. I'm thrilled about this. And relieved.

2. Zoe is so young. I can rally next year. Easter outfit, here we come. Or at least, you know, pants.

But seriously, I loved seeing all of those pictures. I wore my thumb out "liking" photos of friends and family, smiling, dressed-up, looking so...warm. I love that social media helps keep us stay connected to so many people we love while we're so far away from them. Especially on holidays, which are always hard.

Happy Easter, friends. A day late, but really, isn't it always appropriate to celebrate this? I think so.

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