Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Lens

Today I realized that the lens through which I view my daily life has changed. Drastically. I looked around at my house and thought "Hey...pretty good."

And then it hit me that my "pretty good" today would have been "appalling" 68 days ago, before Zoe joined us.

There's a pile of laundry on the couch, mostly folded.
Pre-Zoe: OH MY GOSH. How hard is it to fold the laundry and take it upstairs?! Just kidding, there has never been a pile of laundry on my couch before.  
Present day: Look at you go! Clean clothes. And some of them are folded?! Get outta here. You're amazing.

The vacuum cleaner is sitting in the middle of the living room.
Pre-Zoe: You brought the vacuum upstairs. Now vacuum and return it to it's storage spot downstairs.
Present day: YOU BROUGHT THE VACUUM UPSTAIRS! *confetti cannon* That's halfway there, so you get 50% credit and that equals (squints hard at the ceiling, mentally calculating)...2 THIN MINTS!!

A stack of thank-you notes sits on the arm of my chair, halfway addressed, halfway stamped (with Kwanzaa and Christmas stamps, sigh)
Pre-Zoe: Save those stamps for next year. Go get new stamps. Maybe some "spring" stamps. Or just those USA flag stamps would be fine too. Do this today. Put all notes in the mail.
Present day: Holy cow, I've finished writing thank-you notes. FULL CREDIT! If I mail them in the next week, EXTRA CREDIT! (I wish I had more Kwanza stamps...that would save me a trip inside the post office)
*turns out I'm pretty sure I mailed one note without an address on it. Woops. That will come back to me, because I DID remember to put a return address on it. So, I'll put that in the "win" category.*

My breakfast bowl and coffee mug are still sitting on the end-table beside 11 am, a good 4 hours after I ate and drank from them.
Pre-Zoe: HAHAHA, I would never be awake at 7am.
Present day: Look at you go! You ate breakfast. AND finished your coffee before noon without reheating it in the microwave 4 times...and forgetting it in the microwave for a 2 hour stretch. Today is a good day!

So that's what life looks like over here these days...and I kind of love it.

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