Wednesday, April 2, 2014

This is where you help me

ATY Readers: This is it. A cry for help.

But first, a guilt trip.

Here I am, a brand-new, first-time mom. I'm adjusting to the hormones. The lack of sleep. The recent time-change in Germany (we sprang...sprung...we springed forward this past weekend. Difficult to lose that hour of sleep in normal circumstances, but with a newborn? THE HARDEST THING EVER). Far far faaaaaaar away from "home" and family and my mom.

All of this and I'm still expected to make dinner. Cruel world!

When Zoe was born, we had meals from friends for the first few weeks. Amazing. Always bring families with new babies meals. It is one of the greatest gifts.

Then my mom was here and she planned and cooked meals for 3 weeks PLUS stocked our freezer to the brim with additional meals for after she left. There is really nothing better than opening up that freezer and defrosting dinner. It requires no thinking or planning on my part. And very little shopping/preparation. I just heat that dish up, add one of those microwave steam-fresh bag of veggies and BAM! Dinner...and sometimes even lunch for Z the next day. Glorious.

So now those freezer meals are starting to dwindle and with each container I pull out for another dinner I'm all "ohmygosh WHAT WILL WE EAT WHEN THERE ARE NO MORE CONTAINERS?!"

And now we're here. Crying for crockpot help. Because I realize that I have to start doing things like "meal-planning" or else we're living on Cheerios (which is totally fine with me, but you know, there's Zach...). So what I'm going to do is start relying heavily on my crockpot and my freezer to take the pain and suffering out of dinnertime every day. I'll use the weekend (when Z is around to help with Zoe) to plan or prep meals for the week and meals for the freezer. The idea is simple, healthy meals that freeze well and/or are crockpot friendly.

Look, I know about Pinterest. And Google. And I could spend all day looking up meal plans and recipes and whatnot. But again, baby Zoe. So that's hard. ALSO, I can only stand to see so many "sausage and peppers" meals. EVERY SINGLE freezer or crockpot meal plan list I've seen has a "sausage and peppers" meal. Is it really that good or is that just giving up?

What I'm looking for are tried and true recipes that freeze well or crockpot well. Or both. Freezer to crockpot is really ideal, don't you think? But I won't be too picky. So will you guys send me your favorites? And let's be honest here, if it has ingredients like "fresh bay leaves" or "mint pulled from your garden 2 hours ago" I'm going to have to pass.

Shoot me an email at armythere (at) gmail dot com OR my personal email OR Facebook message me OR comment on this post.

We thank you in advance. Zach particularly thanks you in advance. Because he doesn't love Cheerios the way that I do. Does anyone, really?



    This is stupid easy. And stupidly delicious.



    Amazingly good and extremely easy! One of our favorites.