Saturday, April 5, 2014

Woops and Thanks

First of all, THANK YOU. I have received so many emails and messages with a TON of easy, freezable, crockpot-able, yummy-sounding meals and I am SO grateful and SO excited to try these out. WE WILL SURVIVE AFTER ALL! I'll do my best to let you know how it goes.

Secondly, WOOPS. When I originally posted the previous cry for help, I included the wrong email address. I mean, it was the right email address for someone, just not me. The email should have been armythere (at) gmail dot com and I posted armythereYET. That's my bad. Some lovely person named Melissa was getting all kinds of meal planning help and sending friendly emails back to people saying "I'm not the intended recipient" etc. etc. Sorry about that, Melissa. It seems that baby brain is a real thing. But also, you're welcome. Maybe you needed some new dinner ideas. And finally, I really want to know why your email address is armythereyet. We could be friends. Great minds...

Anyways, I have since edited the post and included the correct email address. Most of you either figured it out on your own or emailed my personal address or sent me a Facebook message. I'm so glad your brains are functioning at a higher level than mine. Turns out sleep deprivation is rough on the brain function.

And now I'm off to tend to the child-who-has-decided-to-stop-taking-naps. You've never seen a baby fight to keep her eyes open like Zoe does. So it makes my days decidedly less productive, in terms of getting things done around the house, cooking, showering, etc. She's awake and she wants to be held. And I'm pretty happy to comply, especially because this not-sleeping-during-the-day thing is leading to 7 and 8 hour stretches of sleep at night (hallelujah). Plus, she's pretty cute so I can't be too grumpy about the new "no naps" policy.

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