Sunday, May 11, 2014

On Packing

Today is the day!

The day I start packing.

Oh, and it's also Mother's Day and I have things to say about this. But that needs to take a backseat right now. (Happy Mother's Day to my mom and mother-in-law, though. They are truly the best.)

I have decided that today I will get packed and ready for our trip. And if I'm really doing well, get the house picked up.

You might say, "But Katie, you don't even leave until Tuesday. There is still Monday! It's ok!"

You are so right. There is still Monday. But Monday I will be on-call all day in case the hair salon has a cancellation because there's been an unfortunate event with hair color and I just...I can't talk about it. It needs to be fixed. I just have this problem with being too loosey-goosey with my hair. Yeah, let's change the color, lighten it up for spring/summer. And then whoa, why is it so orange? Sigh. So Monday is high alert, rush to the salon at a moments notice day. And if that doesn't happen, well, I'll be adding "get hair fixed" to the list of to-do items for when we get to Atlanta.

In case you're curious, this list also includes: eat Mexican. eat Chick-fil-a. eat sushi. go to Target. buy a dress that fits (not necessarily at Target, but if it happens, it happens). get nails done. buy new running shoes (see items 1-3 on list. Also see item  5).

So anyways, here I am. Totally ready to tackle the packing and preparation. Obviously. Since I'm sitting here on the computer writing this.

It's times like these when I really NEED my dear lifelong friend Kristen to come to the rescue, much like the episode of Friends where Monica casually stops by to "visit" Phoebe, who just happens to be in the process of moving. Monica asks if Phoebe wants to go a movie and Phoebe says something like "I can't; I have to get all this finished today!"
To which Monica replies, "Oh, well. Now that I'm here I might as well help you with the cleaning and organizing! Just happen to have my label maker!"
And she pulls the label maker out of her purse.

This would be Kristen. Although I don't know if she has a label maker. I bet she does. She is super organized and super on top of things and a totally "can-do, go-getter" type of person. She is not one to leave things to the last minute or stick her head in the sand when a daunting task is in front of her.

I am not these things. So when I AM faced with things like packing for a trip or, even worse, a military move, I always wish Kristen could just come over and tell me what to do.

Since I don't have that luxury, I have to live by the "WWKD?" rules. What would Kristen do?

She would make a list!

So I made a list.

She would organize things into piles! Baby clothes. Baby toiletries. Baby accessories. My clothes. My toiletries. My accessories. Zach's...oh who are we kidding, he's on his own.

So I organized things into piles.

She would get things done!

Rats. This is the hard part.

Because now I actually have to go down that list and check off items and put piles into the suitcases and move forward with this packing and preparation task.


The good news is that this gets us one step closer to being with our families in Atlanta and THAT is my motivation right now. Here we go. We can do this. Channeling Kristen.

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