Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One-week-wallow (OWW)

Well, we're back in Germany after a wonderful 2 weeks in the states. More about that later.

For now...wallowing. First, because jetlag. Second, because it's just hard to go back to far-away Germany, to leave friends and family and sun and Chick-fil-a. So there needs to be a cushion...a week of time to just be sad and adjust and practice radical self care.

I announced to Z that I would be wallowing for one week and that not much could be expected of me during that one week. Because he knows me well, he quickly agreed to this one-week-wallow (OWW, for short) and even told me I could take longer than a week if necessary. But I think a week is ok. Not too indulgent but not too short, either. Just right. But then he proceeded to completely unpack his suitcase and because I'm tired and jetlagged I was sure he was unpacking AT me and trying to lead the way with his good example blah blah blah and I began to get a little suspicious and concerned that he might not fully understand what this whole "wallowing" thing entails.
So I decided to never unpack my suitcase.
And then while catching up on blogs I follow, I came across this from Heather Armstrong and I'm thinking YES, she gets me: "I never fully got my eyesight back for the rest of the day and more than once had to look at the calendar on my phone to figure out what day it was and what time zone I was in. A few hours into the delirium I opened my suitcase to attempt to unpack a few things but then realized I could leave everything right where it was for the rest of time. No one would ever know. I could potentially win an award for something really important and the people in charge of deciding that I deserved it would have no idea that my suitcase is still sitting unpacked at the foot of my bed. Shhhh!"


So what does an OWW look like, you ask? Easing back into life in Germany. Reflecting on our two weeks stateside. Looking at pictures. Missing our families. Sometimes crying. Snuggling our squishy baby. Chocolate croissants. Watching movies and The Bachelorette. Craving Chick-fil-a even though we ate it approximately 3485 times in the past 14 days. Unpacking...slowly. You know, those kinds of things. So here we go.

OWW: Day One

Bedtime last night: 11pm. Fighting the jet-lag fight.

Zoe's night: awake at 11:25pm. awake at 1somethingish am. Paci re-inserted multiple times. WAY better than what I expected.

Wake time: 9am. 2 hours later than normal. Had to wake Zoe up. (listen, if you're going to be wallowing and jet-laggy, I suggest having a smiley baby to help ease the pain. She woke up HAPPY.)

Chocolate croissant count: 1

Weather: cold. rainy. dark. Perfect wallow weather.

Probability of leaving the house: 5%. and that's generous. and only because we need food.

Status of suitcase: still 99% packed. I have only removed toiletries. Z, on the other hand, has unpacked both his and Zoe's stuff. And he even put his stuff away. Overachiever.

It's only day one...but so far, so good. I see naps and coffee and pjs in my future.

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