Friday, May 30, 2014

OWW: Day Three

I don't know about today, you guys...I don't actually think it can count towards the official OWW because we have a military ball which means that I not only have to leave the house, but I have to GET DRESSED...but not just dressed, dressed in formal attire.

Have you seen the movie "In A World"? There's this scene where the two female characters have to get ready to go watch their dad receive an award and they're both refusing to go but the husband of one of the women forces them to go...he says something like "come on, let's go. No sweatpants." And one of the women immediately and dramatically throws herself back on the couch and groans.

That's me, right now.

Also, the ball is in Frankfurt nap for me today. Just a long car ride. And then (oh my gosh) socializing. With actual people. I can't do it.

Bedtime: attempted 8:30pm bedtime. Oh my gosh it makes me want to cry when I realize Zoe screamed and fought sleep like a thrashing crocodile for 4 hours.

Zoe's night: asleep sometime after midnight. Woke at 4:30am. I laid in bed very still, silently begging her to go back to sleep. Even though she is in her room across the hall, this seemed to work.

Wake time: 8am. Zoe woke me up. We will probably never be on a normal schedule again. She will probably never sleep again or go to bed at a reasonable time again. Outlook is bleak. Hope is wavering.

Chocolate croissant count: 0. But this will be remedied by Z when he gets home early today because I'm getting dressed and socializing  during my OWW and that deserves one chocolate croissant.

Weather: cold. rainy. dark. Perfect wallow weather. Germany, stop it.

Probability of leaving the house: 100%. Totally against my will. Working on an attitude adjustment. Or not.

Status of suitcase: still 98% packed. Turns out this works out great, since we're staying at a hotel tonight anyways. I'll call that a win.

Naps: none. It's not going to be pretty.


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