Thursday, May 29, 2014

OWW: Day Two

OWW: Day Two

Bedtime last night: Woof. Put Zoe down around 9:30. Didn't actually get her to sleep until sometime after midnight. So much screaming. Zoe was pretty upset too.

Zoe's night: when she finally fell asleep, she stayed asleep. So there's that.

Wake time: 8am. had to wake Zoe up. had to wake myself up.

Chocolate croissant count: 0. VERY unhappy about this. But my desire for a croissant is about 1% less than my desire to go out of the house, so...

Weather: cold. rainy. dark. Perfect wallow weather.

Probability of leaving the house: 0%. I've given up.

Status of suitcase: still 98% packed. I have only removed toiletries. And one shirt.

Naps: 2. Well really, 1.5. This afternoon I put Zoe down and came back downstairs, only to realize WAIT A MINUTE! It's Wallow Week and Zoe is sleeping. I should be sleeping too. But by the time I made it upstairs and got in bed, Zoe was stirring. So that was only like 10 minutes of "quiet time".

Zoe has fluctuated between totally happy/adorable and screaming/angry. But I get that. So we press on.

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