Sunday, June 1, 2014

OWW: Day 5

Oh the difference one day makes.

This evening, I sit here with my cup of tea, my Z, and my Olive watching the end of a movie we started last night. All is calm. All is quiet. I'm afraid to even type this because I don't want to break the spell.

Zoe is asleep. She hollered for less than 10 minutes and conked out. This is a miracle. I have no doubt it's attributed to the prayers of many people. And also maybe to the fact that Zoe', how do we say this?..."bowel work-stoppage" In a major, huge wash-the-bouncer-fabric-put-the-baby-straight-in-the-tub-holy-cow-where-did-it-all-come-from way. Z thinks this is why she's sleeping like a little angel right now. Either way, we're so thankful.

OWW: Day Five

Today we went to the Nuremberg Zoo. Zach talked me into it, even though when he suggested it I looked at him sideways and reminded him we are still observing the OWW. But then he said that if we went to Nuremberg, we could get Dunkin Donuts. And who am I to deny me some delicious donuts?
So we went and it really was delightful. For me and Z, at least. Zoe slept in her Ergo carrier most of the time, but that was totally ok. She's only 4 months old. We can't except too much out of her. The Nuremberg zoo is WAY more impressive than I had imagined and we saw more baby animals than I have probably ever seen in my life. Baby bison, baby goats, baby antelope, baby monkeys (a BRAND NEW baby monkey), baby baboons, baby ducks, baby seals. BABIES EVERYWHERE! Super cute. So it was a good day.

Bedtime: attempted 8:30pm. So much screaming. I fell into a vortex of timelessness so I don't know what time she actually fell asleep. But she did.

Wake time: 7:45am. I fed her and then Z took her and I slept a few more hours. God bless that man.   

Chocolate croissant count: 0. But donuts! 3.

Weather: mostly sunny. Perfect zoo weather.

Probability of leaving the house: I was bribed with donuts. I'm not ashamed.

Status of suitcase(s): still 98% packed. I will do a ceremonial unpacking to signal the end of the OWW on Tuesday. Maybe. Probably. We'll play it by ear.

Turns out there is hope for us after all.

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