Monday, June 2, 2014

OWW: Day 6

We are nearing the end, friends. And I can feel it. I'm emerging from my OWW, slowly but surely. And it has been good. I highly recommend this method for any major life transitions. Or minor ones. Anything goes.

Today, I cleaned the kitchen. And tidied up the living room. Sure signs the wallowing is coming to a close.

I even (voluntarily) left the house today to get groceries.

I know. How amazing am I?!

Bedtime: 8:30pm. Zoe was asleep by 8:45. Hallelujah. I was asleep by 10, the earliest I've been asleep in weeks.

Wake time: 7am. I had to wake that little monkey up. The schedule, you know.

Chocolate croissant count: 0. But donuts! 1.

Weather: sunny. Surprisingly warm.

Probability of leaving the house: groceries were needed. It was sunny. I ventured out.

Status of suitcase(s): about 80% packed still. But only because I was looking for a certain shirt so I rifled through the whole suitcase until I found it. So now the suitcase is a mess and has exploded onto the surrounding floor space. I may tackle it tomorrow. Or I may do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but bask in my final day of this OWW.

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