Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Black Forest

I really have not done a good job of using this space as a "chronicle of our journey" recently. But this is ok, because that mostly bores me (and if it's boring me, it's definitely boring you). I don't love taking precious writing time doing a "here is what we've been doing and where we've been going" thing. However, because I know my memory is prone to discard large chunks of time as it marches on (my high school memories are seriously lacking and it's starting to happen to my college memories, yikes), I need to get to documenting...things. That was part of the reason for this blog anyways. Memories need to be recorded, or I lose them. I just need to make peace with this.

So. We went to Atlanta for a few weeks. It was wonderful. We came back. I wallowed. And then life picked right back up.

We have one year left in Germany and this means we are really buckling down and getting serious about traveling. We always travel more in the summer anyways, but now we're working with a time crunch AND the fact that Z is about to be done with his time in command, which will free him up IMMENSELY and for this we (especially me) are extremely thankful. So we take advantage of these things and are booking trips right and left.

Last weekend we headed down into the Black Forest region of Germany, stopping to visit Lichenstein Castle, which is easily my favorite castle we've been to thus far. I'll be honest, I wasn't feeling super excited about this trip, but it exceeded expectations. I highly recommend it. We had a lovely's a gorgeous area of Germany and the drive through the Black Forest (via the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse) was truly breathtaking. And sometimes nerve-wracking and downright scary. At one point we're driving UP a mountain and it's dark (the Black Forest is named thus because the trees are so thick it looks black...and it's very eerie driving through such dark forest and emerging into a bright sunny day) and we are almost falling off the side of the mountain and then the GPS is like "Turn here" and we ALWAYS listen to the GPS so we turn and suddenly we are no longer on a paved road but more of a... trail, if you will. And I'm all ohmygoshwe'regoingtodiehere. And Z's all we're fiiiiiine (he later told me he was also nervous. Good move not telling me in the moment). But we drive along and at one point we pass a lone hubcap propped up against a tree. And at this point I think "do I take this as a good sign, like HEY! Another car was here, so you're definitely still on a road of some sort, for real. Or is this more like a warning? Like, turn back now, or meet a similar fate. This hubcap is all that survived of the last car that came through here."

Anyways. We obviously survived. Aside from the scenic drive, we visited the tallest waterfall in Germany and also the cookoo clock factories/shops that the Black Forest is famous for. We stayed in the city of Baden-Baden, which I can only describe as sort of the Savannah of Germany. It's a spa/resort town and was delightfully charming and relaxing. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip.

Ok. Consider it documented. Pictures below.
This little hotshot

He's such a good dad. Headed up to Lichtenstein Castle.

Whoa the view.

Family arm-shot

Schloss Lichtenstein

Don't be fooled. She screamed way more than this picture would lead you to believe.

Just stunning. Can you see why I loved this castle so much?

Wine country. Pictures don't do justice.

Tallest waterfall in Germany

Z and z. Adventurers.

Triberg. In the Black Forest region.

Cookoo clock country

Garden in Baden-Baden

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