Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day 225 (Zoe edition)

Dear Zoe,

It's important that we pause and take a mental snapshot of exactly who and how you are as a little 7.5 month old. First, because I don't want to forget (and we know how bad my memory is). Second, because you are SO incredibly fun at this age.

EVERYONE says how much you look like your daddy. And you do. You are kind of a mini-Zach. Which, personally, I love. I keep looking for myself in you, though...and I think you have my eyes...but they keep changing, so I can't fully claim them yet. However, we recently introduced you to Cheerios, and seeing you throw your entire body into reaching for them, filling your little fists full, and shoveling multiple into your mouth at a time I thought "Ah, there's some of me in her after all".

We're only about a week into eating Cheerios and when you see me bring them out, you actually start to vibrate with a full-body excitement. You LOVE Cheerios. I couldn't be happier about this. I am just so tickled watching you focus SO HARD on getting your fingers to cooperate in picking up those little Os and getting them successfully into your mouth. And then the way your face lights up when you finally get one, chomping happily (even though you still have no teeth) and making noises of delight. I could watch you eat Cheerios all day long. I feel like we are even more bonded now that Cheerios are a part of your life, too.

Speaking of picking up Cheerios, your daddy and I are pretty sure you're going to be left-handed and we have no idea where this comes from. But maybe you'll surprise us and be right-handed after all. We don't care; we just love watching you and we noticed your left hand is dominant, for now.

You're pretty darn close to crawling, and this is equally amazing and terrifying. You are a fast little sucker already, scooting around with a killer army crawl. I put you down on a nice, clean blanket surrounded with tons of your toys and before I can blink you are sliding across the floor, collecting dog hair and dust bunnies, making a beeline for Olive's nasty, chewed up bone. Never have I been more aware of how gross our floor is. Even if it's swept and Swiffered daily, I still cringe when I see you scoot your way off your blanket.

You're usually heading straight for Olive (or Olive's toys). You LOVE your puppy. Olive gets the most of your attention and your biggest smiles. She is just so interesting to you. And you are pretty interesting to her, too. I see a beautiful friendship ahead for you two. This warms my heart. (Also, Olive loves that you've started eating Cheerios, too. She wedges her giant self underneath the table and waits for the goodies to fall, heaving huge sighs when I tell her to move because you're too distracted to finish eating, contorting yourself in your chair trying to see what she's doing down there.)

We're just crazy about you. You are smiley, happy, determined, and have a great sense of humor. Making you belly-laugh is my FAVORITE thing in the world and you're a willing participant. You babble on and on and use such great inflection that I truly feel like we are having a conversation that only you understand. You say "da-da", and even if it is only in mimicry and you don't understand what you're saying, we count that as your first word. Don't tell your dad, but I spend a LOT of time repeating "ma-ma" to you throughout the day in hopes that you will start mimicking that soon. We'll keep working on it.

My favorite time of day is right after you wake up, which is crazy because that's MORNING and I have nevereverever been a morning person. You have changed that about me. I love our mornings together. I love how you snuggle up to me after you're finished nursing and we have a few minutes of silence and stillness and peace. Sometimes you just snuggle, head on my shoulder, looking out the window as we rock. Other times you push yourself up and play with the pattern on the back of the rocking chair. And almost always, you blow raspberries. Sometimes really faint and whispy raspberries, sometimes loud and crude sounding...but that is still your go-to noise. You're such a happy baby in the mornings; I can't help but be happy too. Even at 7am. Imagine that.

I could go on and on about the ways we fall a little more in love with you every day, but it still wouldn't do justice to just how much light and joy you bring to our lives. We love you, Zoe Marie. So very very very much.


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  1. Love your blog on Zoe & the pictures are fabulous,especially the three of you & all the ones of Zoe. She'll be all grown up till you get back to the States!!