Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Manniversary! (Dreaming up a man room for our anniversary)

Tomorrow is our 3rd wedding anniversary.

Z and I were talking about it and we both feel like it's been a lot longer than 3 years...and NOT in a bad way. Simply due to the fact that we have experienced so. darn. much. in those 3 years. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Anyways, we don't have big plans. This is what happens when your anniversary falls on a Wednesday and you have a baby that can't be left with a sitter because she doesn't take bottles annnnnnnnnnd also, you live in the middle-of-nowhere Bavaria.

We'll exchange gifts and eat filet mignon and cheesecake on our wedding china and I'll probably throw a bottle of champagne in there, because what's a celebration without a little champagne?

But if I had unlimited time and money, what I would REALLY give him is this new study I dreamt up.

We call it a study rather than a man-room or a man-cave because that's more accurate. It's like a man cave, just made-over. It's a grown-up space that is family inclusive...because we like to be together, this family. The room isn't so much a place for Zach to retreat to, but it's a place for all of us, just more man-focused with the man of the house in mind. A place to curl up and read a book, or work on a puzzle, or play a game.

Here's the two things I kept in mind when day-dreaming about this space:

1. The kind of guy Zach is....his likes, dislikes, personality, and style.
2. How each item fits in with the rest of our house.

Number 2 is particularly important for us, as a military family, because all of our stuff has to fit into a new house every 3 years. This means we can't be too attached to a certain room layout or the feng shui of that chair next to those bookshelves.

Military families have to go all Tetris-level with furniture and décor, re-furnishing new spaces and re-creating a home out of the puzzle pieces of previous homes. I partly love this and partly get really stressed out over this.

Anyways, I feel like each of the items in the study could be interchanged with the rest of the décor in our current house so we could get creative if the next house doesn't have a good man-room space.

So here we go. Zach's man study would include these things that I know he would love:
- a wall of books (and how awesome is that library-inspired ladder bookshelf?).
- a coffee bar. My man is a coffee aficionado. His room would have top-notch coffee.
- a comfy couch. I adore the one shown, thankyouverymuch Crate & Barrel.
- maps on the walls. Z loves maps. Also, his awards and achievements and degrees. This is his space, after all.
- a chess table. He collects chess sets and they currently sit sadly in boxes in our basement.
- a coffee table with room for puzzles/games (and bonus, this one has extra space for storage)
- a dart board (what man room is complete without a dart board?)

The other items I added for a little extra personality and flair. The baskets for miscellaneous storage. The globe, because it IS a study after all. The little low-maintenance plant because we're fancy. The lamp for reading and just because I dig it.

I loved dreaming up this space for him (and really, for all of us because it's kind of an awesome room). Maybe one of these days, in one of our houses, this will become a reality.

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  1. He probably doesn't smoke anymore, but he was a humidor type of guy. Perhaps a good oak or mahogany candle or incense.

    I also think a library ladder is the dream of any well read man. He also likes audio books, so maybe a great pair of Bluetooth headphones?