Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Road trip to London

Trip Recap. 8 days. 5 countries. 6 hotels. 1800 miles. 3 Starbucks mugs. 2 channel crossings. Exhausting. Fabulous. Fun.

Zoe was a champion, despite catching a KILLER cold towards the end (that Z and I then both caught after we got home, knocking us out hard. Thankfully we were home and we didn't catch it at the same time, which was convenient). She travels well, and for this we are thankful. But we were ALL glad to be back home and in our own beds.

We saw so much and thoroughly enjoyed the uninterrupted family time. AND we got to meet up with Z's older brother and family in London, which was a special treat.

Pictures. Here we go.

We broke this trip up into smaller segments rather than try to power through long days of driving because SOMEONE doesn't love car rides. No idea where she gets that from. So for the sake of all of us, shorter car journeys were necessary.

Day 1. Our home to Bonn, Germany. No pictures of this leg of the journey, so here's a picture of our little 7 month old instead.

Day 2. Bonn, Germany to Calais, France via Antwerp, Belgium.

Lunch in Antwerp

Calais, France

Calais, France
 Day 3-5. London. Rain on rain on rain.

Poncho for baby. Raincoat plus umbrella for dad. So. Much. Rain.

Zoe just loved her cousin

Me and my man in dreary London

The tribute to WWI at the Tower of London was stunning

Zoe snoozing her way around London

Zoe with her Aunt Em and cousin Lydia (and Paddington Bear)

Cousin love

Lydia was so sweet to Zoe, giving lots of hugs
 Day 5 (continued). Oxford.
I ate lunch at this cafĂ© multiple times a week during my study abroad at Oxford. Zach and I got lunch here and ate it on the lawn of Trinity College while we were there. I loved this.

Trinity College, where I lived for my summer study abroad 7 years ago.

Trinity College

Trinity College with happy Zo

Trinity College

Z said to me "You are in charge in Oxford. I'm following you." But he is really just so much better at it. I love following him around all of Europe.

Radcliffe Camera in Oxford. Just beautiful.

Z treated us to a super fancy hotel for our night in Oxford.
 Day 6. Quick stop at Highclere Castle (The Downton Abbey house, you guys). Then we were on the ferry from Portsmouth to Le Havre for 6 hours.
We were there early, before anyone else. It was stunning.

Me and my girl at Downton Abbey.

Her smiley face. Oh my.
 Day 7. Le Havre to Omaha Beach, Normandy. Then to Mont Saint Michel. Then to Reims. Big day. Lots of driving.

Omaha Beach, Normandy, France. Solemn and humbling.

Zo and her daddy on Omaha Beach
We added this stop as an afterthought and OH are we glad we did. Absolutely stunning. Mont Saint Michel.

Me and Zoe on Mont Saint Michel
Low tide view
Reims, France. The last stop.

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  1. Katie. Jeez. Stunning pictures. Beautiful baby. LOVED the cousin pictures. Also, your segment on London really conveyed a specific emotion. I could tell you enjoyed that leg of the trip. ;) Love you! And love your little family and all these adventures. So SO fun!