Monday, October 27, 2014

Mini Wallow

I check the monitor to see Zoe's little buns are propped up in the air as she snoozes away. Thank God for naptime. Amen. My angry, hurting, running-injured ankle is propped up on pillows as I consider snoozing but instead Google my symptoms and resign myself to the fact that it will probably need to be amputated, at the very least. I'll definitely need a housekeeper and a nanny...there's no way I can be expected to care for a baby while recovering from such a major surgery. Sigh.

I should probably be using this naptime to do things like laundry or clean the kitchen, but the dirty dishes and clothes can wait. I will binge-watch some Netflix instead...I can probably get in 2 episodes of something before Zoe wakes up.

I think it's important to allow ourselves a little grace to leave the dishes and the laundry, particularly when that pesky "Fall back" time change happens, or when our parents leave after visiting, or when the weather is just so grey and cold. Or when our ankle hurts. Probably especially when our ankle hurts.

My parents left today, the time changed yesterday here in Germany (hello darkness, my old friend), and the weather is abysmal. Also, my hair is doing weird flippy and swoopy and mangy things. It's kind of stringy in the back and I just cannot endure this hair-growing-out thing. All I want to do is sit here and heave giant sighs and bemoan everything terrible that is happening simultaneously. Charlie Brown and Eeyore, you are my people.


I don't think we need to go into a full One Week Wallow, but maybe just a One Day Wallow would be ok? Yes. I think so.

The baby, she awakens. She is truly the best wallowing buddy, totally game for extra snuggles and lounging around in sweatpants. So even though we feel like this,

and we're going to spend the day like this,

I think we'll feel much better tomorrow.

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