Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome, October!

I kind of love today.

Today we celebrate 3 years of marriage and 8 months with Zoe.

I know once Zoe hits a year, we'll stop the monthly counting/celebrating whatever (I'm going to try REALLY hard to not be one of those moms who says "she's 17 months" when someone asks her age. I prefer to say "she's 517 days!"), but for now, we celebrate each month...and this particular month, in fact this particular DAY, we have a double celebration. I love this.

8 months for Zoe, 3 years for us.

We just really love the first of the month around here, and we plan all major life events accordingly. Which isn't at all true because you'll recall Zoe was 5 weeks early. Also, our original wedding date was a week later, but we moved it due to a conflict with the venue. But hey, it all worked out.

The last 3 years have felt like a lifetime. In a good way. The last 8 months have felt like an entirely DIFFERENT lifetime. In a good way.

They've been a gift and a blessing, even amidst some really hard stages. I wouldn't trade these 3 years with Zach and 8 months with Zoe for ANYTHING. And I'm just so darn excited for the months and years to come.

*I just typed that last sentence and right as I finished, Zoe started SCREAMING from upstairs in her crib. That nap was entirely too short and I stared at that last sentence and said to myself "a GIFT and a BLESSING, Katie. A gift and a blessing."

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